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Track Trending Event Tech News With These 6 Worthwhile Sources

As an event planner, the more you can leverage the latest technology, the more you’ll increase client and attendee satisfaction. And that means keeping up to date with the latest innovations and applications that can get you there. So, with the airwaves, TV, and internet awash with advice, where should you actually go to stay up to date? Let’s dive into six sources that can you keep you on top of trending event tech news.

Visit Google Trends

Google is the first choice for many when searching for news. But, that doesn’t always mean that you get what’s trending. Fortunately, the search giant does provide a way to discover tech news that’s a little more tailored to what’s popular. In fact, many consider Google Trends to be a one-stop shop for all trending topics.

While you’re there you can search for almost any topic, get a sense of what’s popular, and take a look at trends in different countries. So it’s a tool that any event planner looking for a theme can take advantage for their next event.

Track Trending Event Tech News on Reddit

Social forums have content that’s driven and created by users. That’s why they’re sources of great interest for an event planner. With the audience themselves being the source of the news, you can always count on it being relevant to real people.

Creating an account, bookmarking Reddit, and regularly visiting can help you build a habit of staying on top of what’s trending. Plus, you can engage other users and ask questions in threads. And since Reddit is often the first source for leaked tech news, you’ll be one step ahead of trending tech news that can impact your events business.

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Flip Through Flipboard

Never heard of Flipboard? It’s been around for a while, amassing a growing number of publications who use it to reach out to new readers. Unlike most news sites, their content is collected from other publications like blogs, magazines, and newspapers. That means you can get stories from sources like The Atlantic, The New York Times, and other trusted sources in one convenient place — no more searching all over the place.

As for how it works, it’s simple. Sign up using a social account or an email address and you’re in. Then, personalize your board based on what interests you. You’ll end up with a custom news feed where you can track tech trends and more. (Hint: Do a quick little search for “event planning.”)

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Keep Mind of Mashable

Want to keep on top of what’s hot on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites? Turn to Mashable. It literally mashes all of those sites together into a kind of “blog soup” that’s always entertaining and never short on flavor. So while tech news can be a touch dry sometimes, you’ll never run into that problem on Mashable.

Take to Twitter

If you’re not using it, you could be missing out on a whole host of ideas from all across the world. Twitter‘s a hodge podge of what’s trending, tweeted by brands, news publications, influencers, and more. Follow a mix of event planning, tech, and news accounts (*cough* Social Tables *cough*) to get a healthy mix that’ll keep you ahead of the curve.

Go to Gizmodo

Gizmodo‘s tagline is “we come from the future” and you can find that comedic tone all over their content. Their posts are always relevant, unapologetically millennial, and filled with funny bits. Plus, despite their comedic take on trends, they’re still a credible source for breaking tech info and trends.

Have a source you count on for event tech news and trends? Let us know in the comments below! Or, follow us on Facebook and let the trends come to you.

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