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Understand the vision behind our new platform and see how it can help you every day.

  • See how we've made it faster and easier to create new diagrams, add an attendee list, add collaborators, and more.
  • Check out new ways to view your events so you can go right back to where you left off in the "Events" tab.
  • Plus, find everything you need about a specific event, all in one place, in the event’s Event Details.

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30 minutes

Introduction to Diagramming

Are you a new Social Tables Services Solution user or collaborator?

  • Understand the building blocks of how to create a diagram in Event Services Solution.
  • Learn to save layouts to increase your efficiency.

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30 minutes

Introduction to
Event Sales Solution

Learn how to get the most out of Event Sales Solution

  • See how to set up your Event Sales account.
  • Learn how to create custom RFP response templates so you can respond to leads in seconds.
  • Discover how the analytics tool can help you and your property close more business faster.

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30 minutes

Attendee Management

Are you using Social Tables’ seating tools to their fullest?

  • Learn to upload a guest list and manage attendees.
  • See how to assign meals and easily seat attendees.

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30 minutes

Check-In & Registration

Will you have Check-In or registration at your event?

  • Prepare your guest list, ready your staff, and learn questions to ask your venue.
  • Execute a flawless on-site check-in and take advantage of real-time updates during the event.

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30 minutes

Using Event Diagrams
to Drive Sales

Ready to drive revenue with Social Tables?

  • Use collaboration to increase quality of proposals and RFP responses.
  • Use seating and attendee management tools as smart concessions that give you negotiating leverage.

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30 minutes

Diagramming in Asia Pacific Time Zones

Are you located in the Asia Pacific region?

  • Learn how to efficiently create diagrams and save layouts.
  • Utilize collaboration in Event Sales Solution and Event Services Solution.

Select a live session (Hong Kong, GMT+8)

30 minutes

Advanced Diagramming for Team Administrators

Set your team up for success to use Social Tables

  • Learn how to set object and template defaults.
  • Managing Saved Layouts and team favorites library.

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30 minutes

Introducción a Social Tables (en Español)

¿Eres un usuario nuevo a Social Tables?

  • Te ayudamos a entender la base de cómo crear diagramas con nuestra herramienta para eventos.
  • Aprende a guardar diseños para ahorrar tiempo, energía y ser más eficiente.

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