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Event Marketing

Tips Tuesday: 10 Brilliant Ways to Promote LinkedIn Events

Have you started using LinkedIn Events—2019 update style?  Years ago, LinkedIn rolled out an Events feature. And then rolled the option back, to the disbelief and dismay of many event planners who found the feature helpful. Now the Events feature back, and it’s available to all LinkedIn users in English-speaking countries.  For planners looking to…

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Monday Motivation: Awesome B2B Event Marketing Ideas

Want to create marketing for your B2B event that people will actually love? Here’s how to make higher quality content, implement better marketing strategy, and achieve your event registration goals.  Why Many B2B Event Marketing Ideas Fail  Despite best intentions and research, not every marketing idea (B2B, event, or otherwise) is going to hit it…

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17 Amazing Event Marketing Examples

Marketing events are about more than keynote speakers and giving out free pens in a crowded conference room.  The successful events – the events that give attendees a fulfilling feeling when they leave – provide educational experiences, opportunities to connect with people in an industry, and exciting environments.  In this article, we provide examples of…

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Do You Know the 3 Critical KPIs for Event ROI?

Was yesterday’s event successful? Let’s see: The vendors showed up on time. The event layout matched the design to a tee. Attendees mingled and talked with smiles on their faces. These elements are all vitally important. But for fundraising and business events, more concrete outcomes make the difference. Winging it or hoping for the best…

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attendees interacting with an experiential marketing campaign

7 Experiential Marketing Campaigns That Show the Power of Live Events

Capturing the hearts and attention of consumers is becoming increasingly more difficult through traditional advertising. After all, we live in a world where consumers can actively switch off or opt-out of seeing ads altogether and are constantly bombarded with digital marketing. Thus, marketers are faced with the challenge of finding more creative ways to share…

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combine experiential marketing with traditional methods like puzzle pieces

How to Combine Traditional and Experiential Marketing to Boost Event Results

The rise of concepts like online advertising, content marketing, and experiential marketing means that event promoters have to carefully consider how much they spend on traditional methods. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s not a place for traditional thinking in most marketing playbooks. Here’s how you can combine traditional and experiential approaches into a single strategy…

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