Interactive Floor Plans & Photo-Realistic 3D

Prove your space can meet planners' needs and bring your venue to life, remotely.

Key features of Interactive Floor Plans and Photo-Realistic 3D

To-scale floor plans


Max capacity diagrams


Dynamic lighting


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Interactive content


Automated walkthroughs


Showcase your space

Win more business and get stakeholder approval faster with detailed views of your space with Photo-Realistic 3D.

Drive leads

Generate more leads from your website, The Cvent Supplier Network, or Wedding Spot with interactive content.

Convert more

Easily focus on the most qualified leads, and free up time for what matters.

Customer Story

"I can say with confidence that the consistency factor has been important, especially with the amount of growth we’ve had. With new teams and spaces, having certain processes in place that all partners are used to seeing is very helpful."

- Gabi Kallmeyer
Associate Event Manager

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Customer Story

"In the old process, it took us about two weeks to complete seating for the NBA All-Star Game. Now we can complete it in about four days with a lot less human error."

- Julie Friedman
Director, Partner Services, Global Partnerships & Media

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