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How to Charge for Event Planning Services

How to Charge for Event Planning Services: 7 Things to Consider

By Naomi Tucker

Being in the business in event planning can come with its share of important decisions. After you pick out a name for your event company, one of the key decisions that you would need to make for your business is how to charge for your planning services. There are many ways to look at charging…

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The Right Questions to Ask Your Clients

The 4 Questions Event Planners Need to Ask Clients to Exceed Expectations

By Fabrice Orlando

Good customer service is something that all business professionals should set as a high priority. After all, a client’s happiness is our livelihood when it comes down to it. In fact, in the event industry specifically, one of the top ways vendors are hired is through word of mouth referrals. Whether it’s from a previous…

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Using Content Marketing to Promote Your Event Company

How to Leverage Content Marketing, Not Gimmicks, to Promote Your Event Company

By Meghan Ely

It can be awfully tempting to engage in stunt marketing – a once in a lifetime giveaway or public attempt to set a world record, for instance, attracts gobs of new followers in a short period of time. Many companies try giveaways that require social media posts and sharing or tweeting to build an audience…

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Managing the Hotel Sales Cycle

Best Practices for Managing Time in Your Hotel Sales Cycle

By Kevin Dennis

An efficient sales process is not only essential to your venue, but it also allows you to make the most of every qualified lead while still leaving plenty of time to generate new prospects and grow your business. A great sales process is multifaceted – it gets the job done, converts leads to happy clients…

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Hotel Marketing with Powerful Storytelling

Why Hotel Marketing All Comes Down To Good Storytelling

By Sam Weston

At the core of any memorable hotel stay is the experience. The experience of travel, the experience of your hotel and the experience of the destination itself. Every hotel has a room and in that room lives a bed, a desk, a bathroom and perhaps even an iron! Of course, you need to provide those…

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4 Ways to Stay Ahead of Outdoor Event Decor Trends

By Kim Sayatovic

One of the top responsibilities of event professionals is staying on top of what is hot today and what will be in-demand tomorrow. Our clients make the first part too easy – they stock social media for “inspiration” and bring us requests for the most popular trends in fashion, décor, cuisine and entertainment. Often these…

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Should Your Event Business Work with a Wholsaler

Should Your Event Business Work with a Wholesaler? 5 Questions to Ask

By Audrey Isaac

Working with a wholesaler to provide your clients with additional products can be a turning point for your business. By upselling products that your clients already want, you are satisfying their needs while also boosting your bottom line. While this is certainly a win-win situation, there are some considerations to keep in mind before jumping…

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3 HR Best Practices EventProfs Can Learn from #DisruptHR

By Laura Lopez

Social Tables’ CEO, Dan Berger, recently spoke at DisruptHR DC, which highlighted how disruptors from human resources and technology navigate the common (and not so common) issues in the human capital sphere. Berger spoke on the global startup community’s meta-mission, and shared his belief that the secondary mission of every startup in the world is,…

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What to Avoid When Choosing an Event App

What to Avoid When Choosing an Event App

By Grace Cheung

We’ve all been there—making a purchase only to get into the packaging and realize it’s not what we expected it to be. Choosing an event app can lead to the same experience. Event apps are a big part of your attendee’s experience, so when they don’t work right, it can just drag your whole strategy…

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Evaluating Event Venues Online: 5 Things Planners Should Look For

By Jennifer Collins

“Location, location, location!” It’s the catchphrase of the real estate industry, and it’s no different for event planning. Possibly the most important decision an event planner can make that will affect the event’s outcome would be the venue. The venue sets the scene, dictates many choices related to the event, and influences the experiences of…

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