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Managing Dietary Restrictions at Events (Without Going Crazy)

By Laurel Mintz | March 27, 2017
managing dietary restrictions at events

As a guest, events are probably the last place you want to be when you have dietary limitations. Think of the all-day conference that can go for hours. Who wants to bring their own Whole 30 compliant energy bars or Lean Protein approved snacks when there are so many delicious tray passed appetizers and enticing…

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Event Networking Doesn’t Work. Here’s Why Matchmaking Will Take It’s Place

By Mauricio Palacio | March 27, 2017
event networking doesn't work

Business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals want to attract the right people, and networking at events is the most popular way to find them. This isn’t going to change anytime soon—according to the survey “Convention 2020 – The Future of Exhibitions, Meetings and Events,” 76% of people agree that the quality of networking is the biggest…

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Planning Events for Gen Z? Here’s How to Reach this Growing Demographic

By Lani Assaf | March 13, 2017
How Event Professionals Can Reach Generation Z

Already trickling into the working and events world, and soon to replace millennials as America’s largest generation, is Generation Z. While Gen Z (identified as being born between the mid to late 1990s and the 2010s) shares some similarities with millennials, such as its reliance on digital technology and the social web, there are also…

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Meeting Planner Certification: What Your Options Are and Why You Should Do It

By Kristi Casey Sanders, DES, HMCC | March 13, 2017
meeting planner certification

How would you like to make $10,000 more than you currently earn? According to the 2016 Convene Salary Survey, that’s the average salary difference between meeting professionals who are Certified Meeting Professionals versus those who lack the CMP designation. People who had earned the CMP made, on average, $85,052 a year; other meeting professionals earned an…

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Clever Email Subject Lines: Getting Your Event Invites Noticed

By Laurel Mintz | March 10, 2017
clever email subject lines

It’s real talk time. How many emails do you get in your inbox weekly? Hundreds? Thousands? If you’re like us, it can even go upwards of that, and not all of them get your completely devoted, undistracted attention. So when you’re sending e-vites, trying to get more event attendees, you’re going to have to step…

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What Can You Rent to Enhance Your Events? Spoiler Alert: Just About Anything

By Robin Salter | March 10, 2017
what can you rent for events

The phrase, “equipment rental” is often associated with either heavy construction equipment, like excavators and dump trucks, or party and event rentals, like audio-visual equipment, trade show furniture and accessories and bouncy houses. But the reality is that you can rent just about any type of equipment imaginable—and with a little creativity, you may be…

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Dealing With Online Hotel Reviews: Best Practices for Responding to Negative Feedback

By Claire Repass | March 8, 2017
dealing with online hotel reviews

Many travelers read hotel reviews before booking their hotel reservations and so it’s crucial that you take advantage of online review tools to show customers that you care about them and maintain your brand reputation. Here are some suggestions on how to respond to complaints online. 1. Stay calm Resist the urge to respond angrily…

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Hiring an Event Team: Find People Who Can Make Your Next Event Run Perfectly

By Fabrice Orlando | March 8, 2017
hiring an event team

Pulling off a successful event is a team effort – it’s impossible to do it all alone. By surrounding yourself with a team of professionals that have demonstrated their knowledge and expertise, you are helping to ensure the success of your event. Let’s take a look at what it takes to put together a great…

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Social Tables Releases New Hospitality Software That Supports The Venetian | The Palazzo’s Largest Events

By Social Tables | March 6, 2017
The Venetien The Palazzo Manages Events with Social Tables

Social Tables Diagram, Seat, and Check-In version 4.0 serve events ten times larger, increasing stakeholder collaboration and decreasing costly mistakes. Social Tables (, the SaaS platform that brings cloud-based event management software to hospitality and meeting professionals, announces the release of a more advanced software suite in collaboration with The Venetian | The Palazzo. With 2000+…

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Tabletop Design Tips That Are Sure to Leave an Impression

By Audrey Isaac | March 6, 2017
tabletop design tips

Whether you are planning an event like an intimate sit-down dinner or a cocktail party for 300, it is hard to argue with the fact that the design of the tablescapes is surely a major aspect of any event. Tables serve many purposes at events, from a place to put down your drink to a…

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