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Create accurate diagrams in minutes

Impress clients and drive repeat business with exceptional setup and service. Bring events to life faster with accurate diagramming.

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Provide exceptional service

Ensure every VIP gets the right treatment. Easily manage seating, meals, and more.

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Delight attendees

Greet guests and check them in fast with easy-to-use tools that keep your team in sync no matter where they're stationed.

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Key features


Streamline planning with clients, vendors, and colleagues, using collaborative, real-time editing.


From setup through check-in, communicate visually with everyone involved.


Create accurate diagrams that bring the event to life in 3D.


Store all your event files in one place for your team to view, share, and collaborate.


Save time with smart tools for making professional diagrams and managing meals.


Differentiate your diagrams with customizable chairs, template defaults, and more.

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Customer Story

Huge, complex events made simple with collaborative diagramming. Find out how the team at The Venetian | The Palazzo efficiently hosted 2,000 events with Social Tables.

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