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Seamlessly manage seating, meals, and more.

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Social Tables event seating software is...

Create the perfect visual
event seating chart for seamless execution.

Seating chart access
anywhere with Internet, so clients can access remotely.

Secure cloud storage for
your attendees' sensitive information.

Bring events to life with real data about your attendees to tackle seating with a purpose.

Drag and drop seating lets you complete seating in minutes.

Every element of your seating chart can be customized from table colors to chair sizes.

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Download this PDF for a full overview of Event Services Solution, that you can share with your team.

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Salesforce Integration

Connect any Salesforce account to Social Tables to seamlessly integrate campaigns to track seating and check-in data.

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Make setup and communication a breeze with Social Tables Event Services Solution.

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Plan for the unplannable with collaborative event software and accurate floorplans that make it easy.

  • Bring events to life with less stress.
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  • Build relationships with live collaboration.

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