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Event Planning

Event logo ideas to sell more tickets

How to Create the Best Event Logo: The Ultimate Guide

Why are event logos important? Humans process and store images 60,000 times faster than text. This means that event logos help potential attendees comprehend and remember an event’s name, purpose, and identity more effectively than any other branding tool. Which is why we’ve compiled these 10 simple methods to make impactful event logos. Discover principles,…

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Ways to market virtual events

12 Must-Know Strategies for Marketing Virtual and Remote Events

Virtual and online events are becoming more commonplace in the modern era. They allow businesses to reach a global audience with hundreds of people in different places at different times. Planning, promoting, and hosting a virtual event requires the same attention to detail as a real-life event requires. For virtual events, however, specific event advertising…

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the best conference event swag ideas

The Ultimate Guide to The Best Conference Swag

Cheap swag has become an issue for corporate event planners as demand for branded, low-quality items declines among Millennials and Generation Z alongside concerns regarding its environmental impact. And even though the $24B promo marketing materials industry is booming right now, it’s still a challenge to find conference event swag that people love. This is…

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Types of events

The 6 Best Types of Events for Exceeding Business Goals

Corporate event planners have to connect the dots between specific business objectives and event types. Trying to sort out what types of events are best for achieving your organization’s unique goals can be challenging since there are so many options to choose from.  We’ll clear up some of that confusion by focusing on the top…

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Creative ice cream catering for events

27 Creative Ice Cream Catering Ideas for Events

Whether you’re hosting an employee appreciation event or a new product launch, we’ve got plenty of ice cream catering ideas to help you plan something professional yet fun. Here we’ll cover key points like budgeting as well as most major aspects of ice-cream themed events.  How much does it cost to cater an ice cream…

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Sales and catering coordinator tips

21 Tips to Share the Best Event Diagrams With Clients

Sharing floor plan diagrams can add value throughout the event planning process. Showing off awesome 3D designs of prior events can help land clients who are inspired by visuals. Sharing also improves client collaboration, so directives are clear and decision-makers stay on the same page.  But you should not give clients full access to your…

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19 Free Event Planning Tools to Use Today

Sometimes the best things in an event planner’s life really are free! Check out these unique headache erasing, to-do list crushing, productivity-boosting event planning tools.  Explore Free Event Planning Tools That Save Time: We only chose products recognized by the events industry for being the best at what they do. Whether it’s appearing as the…

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