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Event Planning

Tips Tuesday: 14 Ideas for Outstanding Conference Catering

Organizing food and beverage at multi-day conferences is a massive undertaking. And making sure the catering at these events is delicious and memorable from the welcome breakfast to the closing gala is no easy task.  Read on for tips and tricks to elevate your conference catering. We start with strategic and organizational decisions that make…

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20 hotel sales interview questions

Monday Motivation: How to Plan a Successful Large-Scale Event, No Stress

Your task as a corporate planner is never a piece of cake, but large-scale events present unique challenges. Industry trade shows. Product launches. Professional conferences. If all events are puzzles, large-scale events are the thousand-piece ones. They require an extra measure of planning, coordination, and event management grit.   Strengthening your skillset is essential in our…

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Tips Tuesday: 21 Event Seating Ideas & Trends

While an event’s schedule, venue, and food play a major role in determining the guests’ experience, the event’s seating is just as important. It can determine how guests interact with one another, retain information, and how energized they feel throughout the day. Get ahead of the curve and impress your attendees with these hot seating…

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