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Tips Tuesday: The Winning Golf Event Planning Guide

Over 33.1 million American viewers tuned in to watch professional golf last year, proving that this is still one of the most sought after event types in the country. Whether you’re planning a tournament or a charity drive, all golfing events require a timeline and checklist to make sure they run smoothly.  How Do You…

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25 Inspiring Fall Themes for Events We’re Obsessing Over

Fall is the second largest consumer spending season of the year (only after Winter and the holidays). That means it’s the perfect time to jumpstart charity fundraising, host ticketed or private events, and take advantage of the many fall event themes on this list while the weather is still decent for outdoor activities.  What do…

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Tips Tuesday: 3 Secrets to Exceeding Event KPIs

Was yesterday’s event successful? Let’s see: The vendors showed up on time. The event layout matched the design to a tee. Attendees mingled and talked with smiles on their faces. These elements are all vitally important. But for fundraising and business events, more concrete outcomes make the difference. Winging it or hoping for the best…

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Friday Finds: 6 Experiential Event Planning Trends & Ideas

You’ve seen the sentiment on a T-shirt, a bumper sticker, or an Instagram feed: ‘Collect experiences, not things.’ The events industry has heard the call to action, and today, experiential event planning is hot like a marshmallow roast at a beach bonfire. Or a wok in a cooking class during a corporate retreat. Or a…

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Tips Tuesday: 45 Event Planning Questions for Clients

Ready for your next event planning consultation? We have you covered with helpful event planning questionnaire examples that will ensure you and your client are a great fit. Here are all the event planning questions you’ll want to have handy at your next corporate event or wedding planning kickoff meeting. How to create an event…

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