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Wednesday Wisdom: How to Make a Hotel Competitive Advantage Strategy

The competitive landscape for existing hotels is more challenging than ever, with new brands, concepts, and distribution channels opening frequently.  In this crowded environment, smart lodging operators are finding creative ways to stand out from the competition. While gaining this edge won’t happen overnight, these 10 keys to creating a competitive advantage in the hotel…

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Tech Thursday: 10 Innovative Ways CRMs Drive Group ROI

Within one hotel, customer data is often housed in many systems across sales, the front desk, restaurants, and catering and event teams. Many of these systems do not communicate with each other, and as a result, useful customer data remains disconnected.  So current and prospective group customers experience delays and frustrations, and hotel managers miss…

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Tips Tuesday: 3 Secrets to Exceeding Event KPIs

Was yesterday’s event successful? Let’s see: The vendors showed up on time. The event layout matched the design to a tee. Attendees mingled and talked with smiles on their faces. These elements are all vitally important. But for fundraising and business events, more concrete outcomes make the difference. Winging it or hoping for the best…

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Friday Finds: 6 Experiential Event Planning Trends & Ideas

You’ve seen the sentiment on a T-shirt, a bumper sticker, or an Instagram feed: ‘Collect experiences, not things.’ The events industry has heard the call to action, and today, experiential event planning is hot like a marshmallow roast at a beach bonfire. Or a wok in a cooking class during a corporate retreat. Or a…

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