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A banquet at a hotel

6 Innovative Hotel F&B Ideas That Grow Group Revenue

Thanks to favorable margins and exciting new strategies, hotel F&B offers a strong opportunity to grow revenue from group bookings. Here, we lay out six smart ways hotels can optimize their F&B offerings to see gains in the year ahead.   At the end of the day, hotels really only have two options to choose…

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The skyline of phoenix arizona overlooking a number of event venues

20 Phoenix Event Venues That Attendees Can’t Get Enough Of

We all here about those traditional “first-tier cities” — Chicago, New York, Orlando, etc. — but in the past decade, Phoenix has made more moves to attract events than perhaps any other city in the country. In fact, the city has quadrupled their amount of startups, invested $5 billion in infrastructure, and strategically planned new venues in close…

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speaker presenting during a new event format

4 Event Concepts That Dramatically Improve the Attendee Experience

Driven by the millennial mindset, attendee expectations are dramatically shifting the scope and strategy behind meetings and events. Today’s attendees demand personalized experiences that go beyond just sitting in a lecture hall. They’re looking for meetings with meaning, innovation, and insight. But most of all, they’re looking for event concepts and formats that foster authentic…

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The Boston skyline during daytime across the harbor

15 Boston Event Venues That Bring Out the Best in Every Experience

As the oldest city in America, Boston is a historian’s dream destination, but it’s also so much more! Chandeliers and skyscraper views, waterfront hipster hubs, incredible food… there’s a space for every planner or event to call home. So to help you get started, we’ve rounded up twenty Boston event venues that give meetings, weddings, and…

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Hotel food and beverage in a banquet-style setup

STR Study Shows Higher F&B Profits for Properties Using Social Tables

In March 2018, Social Tables commissioned STR, the leading benchmarking company for the hospitality industry, to conduct an independent study analyzing the impact of our Event Services Platform on hotels. To execute the study, STR analyzed F&B numbers over a three-year period for 631 non-customers and 123 customers, comparing the profits of those equipped with…

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