How to Find a Venue for an Event: 8 Online Venue Finders to Try

When you’re planning an event on a short timeline, you don’t have the luxury of thoroughly vetting venues, let alone taking the time to select the right venue.

To speed up your venue search, turn to technology. Start your search with these 9 venue finder websites that let you shop and compare event spaces in one spot. (Some even let you submit multiple RFPs at once!)

Find a venue faster with these tools:

1. Cvent

Cvent offers way more than just venue sourcing (think: event registration, management, marketing, and more). But its venue database of 234,000+  destinations across the globe is a selling point on its own.

Cvent can undoubtedly help you find an event location set to fit specific needs, no matter what type of event you’re planning.

You can see capacity per floor plan configuration, property-wide image galleries, and even special offers. Best of all, once you narrow down your selection, you can send just one RFP to all your top choices and then compare their proposals in one spot.

find a venue cvent

2. Aventri

Start with Aventri’s map-based venue search, and filter your results by the type of venue you’re looking for, the type of space you need, and more. From there, you can send RFPs to your top choices all from the Aventri (formerly known as etouches) platform.

Beyond that, one of Aventri’s biggest strengths is automated communication between clients, venues, and prospects.

3. EVENTup

Name your city, and EVENTup will bring you to a comprehensive marketplace for event venue sourcing. With EVENTup, event planners will find it easy to browse venues with specific filters and review detailed information about availability and features.

Once you discover a venue that fits your needs, you can connect instantly with event spaces and book locations quickly.

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4. LiquidSpace

For corporate event planners, LiquidSpace might be the key to finding office space and meeting rooms in a hurry. While it was mainly built to help teams reserve flexible office space, it also offers real-time booking of large meeting rooms — perfect for those last-minute off-sites you need to book ASAP.

Search for venues based on how much time you need, what type of event you’re planning, the amenities you need, and availability. Find a venue, get all the details, and immediately book it, all on the LiquidSpace platform.

5. Venuefinder

UK-based Venuefinder’s database includes more than 15,000 properties in Great Britain, plus plenty of international venues.

Its robust, advanced search feature should help you hone in on suitable venues — but if it doesn’t, you can turn to the Venuefinder Concierge service and let their team take the reins.

find a venue tool

6. eVenues

Looking to get ahead and rent an event space? eVenues is here to give you a much-needed helping hand. eVenues develops, aggregates, and operates a self-service online venue search tool — and if you need some extra help, a booking service to help you find an event space.

What does this mean for you? For starters, be prepared to have more time prepping your event and less time fretting over where it’s going to be held.

7. Regus

As the “largest network of workspaces and co-working space,” Regus provides convenient, high-quality, fully serviced spaces for teams to work, including large meeting rooms booked by the hour.

With such a large database of spaces, you’ll have no trouble finding a venue wherever you need (even an airport or train station!) with all the amenities you want. Plus, once you have the space, you can customize the floor plan to meet your needs.

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8. Snappening

Snappening was born out of a real-life need by a real-life consumer trying to plan an exceptional event to create a lasting memory. Now, the tool makes it much easier to find venues — they say it can save you 4-8 hours of venue searching.

While it’s only available in select cities, planners in those locations are in for a treat!

Did we miss any websites you’ve used to source great venues? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add it to the list.