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5 Experiential Marketing Companies That Work Event Magic

Truth: we’re being bombarded by hundreds of marketing messages each day. These days, brands need to get creative in order to cut through the marketing noise and make an impact. Here’s where experiential marketing companies come in.

Meet the experiential marketing companies who have cracked the code of creating experiences that are making lasting impressions.

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1. Allied Experiential

Allied Experiential, one of the long-standing leaders in the world of experiential marketing companies, has been in the business since the 1980s. They produce integrated live and online marketing experiences that launch brands off the ground.

Their main objective in their marketing strategy is to build long-term relationships between their clients and their customers. So what is Allied’s approach? To tell brand stories through promotional events that generate national media coverage and widespread awareness.

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2. Gradient

Gradient is an experiential company based in New York City. Their strongest selling point to anyone skeptical of hosting an experiential marketing. Their mantra: if you build an event around a company or product, 96% of customers are likely to buy. Their belief is that experiential marketing and events should speak to attendees on a deeper, emotional level. We get the vibe that they’ve had more than just a little bit of success, given clients like Variety, Sony, Lexus, and Bank of America.

We get the vibe that they’ve had more than just a little bit of success, given clients like Variety, Sony, Lexus, and Bank of America.

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3. Proscenium

Proscenium seeks to drive ROI for their clients and inspire commitment for those who attend their events. With clients like IBM, Heineken, and JetBlue, it’s no wonder they trust Proscenium with delivery high-quality in-person and digital experiences. They create programming best suited for consumer, employee, and business audiences, however, they also employ a range of event talent, like performers, writers, and set fabricators.

4. Factory 360

What is Factory 360’s approach when it comes to building experiential events? It needs to go beyond aesthetics in order to get into the mind of the consumer to communicate a message. The experiences that Factory 360 create are a true, physical embodiment of a brand’s mission. The Factory 360 team builds experiences that run the gamut of product launches to music festivals to pop-up shops that are deeply rooted in design.

5. Eventive Marketing

Eventive is an experiential marketing company that specializes in events, social media public relations. They’ve created impactful experiential projects for Hilton Worldwide, Ultimate Fighting, NFL, Kellogg’s, Welch’s and others. Every single project is custom-made and stick to true-to-brand solutions. How are they doing it? The team is made up of highly experienced creatives, artists, and marketers who know that the secret to making a message resonate is through an immersive experience.

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