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Product Updates

Everything you need to know about the latest tools and features across all of Social Tables software.

We’re updating Social Tables with Sales & Catering integrations so you can seamlessly upload details such as date, start time, property name, room name, setup style, and function room right from your ISAC or Opera accounts.

Faster with Diagramming ISAC Sales & Catering System Integration

When you’re busy planning multiple events at your property, the last thing you want to do is waste time re-entering event data across different applications. That’s why we’re updating Social Tables with Sales & Catering integrations–so you can seamlessly upload details such as date, start time, property name, room name, setup style, and function room right from your ISAC accounts. There are a few ways you can use these new integrations to make your life easier. Let’s break down two of them: mapping properties and rooms, and uploading event details. Mapping properties and rooms: 1. Download our XLSX template. This…

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With our latest update, you can choose to make any object in your diagram transparent.

Keep an Eye on Every Object in Your Event Diagram with Social Tables

Every event planner knows that the little details make a big difference. For instance, even slight errors in the placement of electrical cords or rigging can cause major headaches on event day. At Social Tables, we hate headaches, which is why we just made it easier for you to keep track of every object on your event diagram. With our latest update, you can choose to make any object in your diagram transparent. That way, it’s no problem to find or reference other objects that may be below or above it–whether you’re looking at your event space in two dimensions (like…

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Drive More Email Leads and Track Them in One Place with Social Tables

Whether you’re receiving a dozen inbound leads a day or hundreds, one thing is almost certainly true: it’s easy to lose track of email leads. You’re familiar with the story. You may not have time everyday to check your team’s primary lead inbox. Or maybe there is no primary lead inbox, and your team is struggling to monitor all places those leads end up. Then, even if you find them all, your next big challenge is entering them manually into your lead management system. At this point, the process is such a mess, identifying the original source of the lead…

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Product Upgrade: Get the information you need about a lead automatically with Social Tables

Product Update: Get Smarter Leads with Social Tables

Leads come in all different shapes and sizes. Some require immediate action because of high ROI or repeat potential. Others, obviously, are aren’t as crucial. But we can agree that too many leads arrive without enough information. Again and again, you find yourself asking: “Where is this company located? How many employees do they have? What’s specific industry are they in? Have we worked with them before?” Ultimately, the responsibility of answering these questions falls on you.  But you don’t have to continue to spend your time researching every new lead that comes in, many of which prove to be…

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When you use Convert to represent your bookable space online, your property’s literature always stands out as the most informative when the planner sits down with their client to review possible options.

Product Update: Improved Social Tables Presentation Layer Makes It Easy to Download Room Layout Options

When you’re competing with other event venues for the same contract, you need to be able to share the most pertinent sourcing information with the planner quickly and clearly. At Social Tables, we understand this, so we’ve built sales and marketing tools like Social Tables Presentation Layer to give you the flexibility to do this in a variety of ways. With our latest update, when a planner visits your Presentation Layer and downloads a PDF of a bookable room’s floorplans, they will also receive information detailing possible layouts available in that room. Take a look at the gif below to…

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Product Update: Develop More Detailed Leads with Social Tables Propose

More Detailed Lead Information with Social Tables Propose

Not all leads are created equal. Some require a little more attention and detail than others – especially if you’re a sales manager helping a client coordinate room nights and event space availability at the same time. That’s why we’ve expanded our RFP response tool’s manual lead creation form to allow you to add guest room information to leads. Now, it’s even easier for you to assign the correct booking type to your leads. Let’s take a look: To generate a new lead, head to the propose tool in Social Tables and click the pink “Create” button in the upper…

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Collaborative diagramming with Social Tables just got faster and more convenient

Event Diagramming with Social Tables Just Got Faster and More Collaborative

Social Tables gives your team the tools it needs to plan events quickly and collaboratively. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Social Tables’ diagramming tools are now even quicker and more collaborative. Everyone’s invited! We made two big changes this week that will improve the way you plan: The collaborators you invite to work on an event no longer need to accept invitations. The moment you invite them to collaborate, they gain immediate access to the event; all they have to do is log in to Social Tables and find the event on their Home page. Essential users can…

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Event diagramming is an event technology trend

Product Feature: Manage Seating with Real-Time Collaboration

When it comes to working with your client or the venue on seating, it’s sometimes easier to show a visual. You can add any event stakeholders as collaborators to an event diagram or seating plan. Once you’ve been added as a collaborator to an event, just accept the invitation via email. Then, right in Social Tables software, you can easily add your guest list, manage any custom guest preferences such as meal types using tags, and manage seating, on your event’s diagram in real-time. Get event stakeholders on the same page with seating via real-time collaboration.Click To Tweet Logging in…

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Event diagramming is an event technology trend

Product Update: Easy Object Labeling and Label Rotation

When you’re communicating with clients, it can be easy to misinterpret an item on a diagram. That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of a new feature: smart object labeling. The feature is ready to test drive within your Diagram account starting today. This new feature serves as a great way to make communication more clear to your clients, and across your team. How does it work? You can now change the label on top of some of your objects. You can switch between “text” or an “icon”, or hide it altogether. Plus, object names now rotate with the…

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The Ultimate Guide to Theater Seating for Events

Theater seating is a style of commonly used event layout, comprised of chairs aligned in consecutive straight rows, generally facing a single direction. It is sometimes called stadium seating or auditorium seating. Here we explore the types of events during which theater seating is best to use, standard setup formats, a variety of customizations you can implement to achieve your events objectives, and some advantages and disadvantages of this unique seating arrangement. Plus, how to set it up! Read on to see if theater style is the perfect seating chart layout for your next event. Types of Theater SeatingEvents that…

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