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Save Hours When You Swap Layouts Between Floor Plans

July 3, 2018

It happens. You’ve put several hours into a diagram, and suddenly there’s a change in the schedule. The floor plan you originally had in mind is no longer available. Time to start over, right? Not with Social Tables. Now, our diagramming tool lets you swap your existing layout into a different floor plan effortlessly. Take a look at the image below to see the new feature in action. Simply access this new “Swap Floor Plan” option from either the File menu or by right-clicking the desired floor plan from the left panel. Why properties love this You know better than…

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Save Time with Theater Row Template Default Updates

June 8, 2018

Recently, we updated our software to allow your team’s admins to specify standards and set measurements for trade show booths for the rest of your team to use. Well, we heard from you that this feature would also be useful for theater row template defaults. So we made it happen! Theater Row Template Defaults Now, your admins can create standards and set measurements for theater rows. The new Theater Row template default can be found as an option in the Template dropdown within the Defaults tab of Administrator Settings. After you make some changes here, you’ll find your new default as an…

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Share All The Right Room Options With New Lead Capture Tools

June 5, 2018

We’ve heard from event planners and sales managers alike that it should be easier to share a full list of ideal rooms and floorplans with clients. That way, they won’t have to do the work themselves to see which rooms at a given property would work for their event. So we made that happen. You can now share a link to a standalone lead capture form that directs those who click it to view a specific room or a filtered list of rooms. Simply highlight the rooms you want to send, click the “Share Link” button, and share the specific…

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Save Time with New Trade Show Booth & Chair Spacing Tools

May 30, 2018

Occasionally, we’re able to make simple changes to our software that nevertheless greatly improve our users’ experiences. We’re happy to say we’ve made two such changes with our latest round of updates—to our trade show booth template defaults and chair spacing tools. We’re certain they’ll help you get work done faster and smarter in Social Tables. Let’s take a look. Trade Show Booth Template Defaults Now, your team’s admins can specify standards and set measurements for trade show booths for the rest of your team members to use. To find this new feature, click ‘File’ and then select ‘Administrator Settings…’ in…

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Improved Diagram Exports

Product Update: Faster, More Capable Diagram Exports

May 17, 2018

Though we think of ourselves first as a cloud-based technology company, we are also keenly aware that Social Tables users spend most of their working hours away from a computer. Nowhere is this clearer than in the way our users prefer to interact with their diagrams. Export is one of our most popular features. Tens of thousands of users export their diagrams each week, and send them to clients as an email attachment, or print them out for teammates to mark in Sharpie, or use the exported file in whichever way makes the most sense for their business. We’re attentive…

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Product Update: New Search Filters and RFP Tools

April 16, 2018

A client is asking you to plan a large event that may draw as few as 133 attendees or as many as 755. You’re concerned. That’s a pretty huge range—so sourcing event space flexible enough to accommodate such a gap could be a real challenge. That is, until now. With the latest updates to the Social Tables sourcing platform, you have the power to search for only the properties that match your clients’ specific requirements with easy-to-use search filters. Take a look below: These are the five hotels in the Chicago-area flexible enough to satisfy either end of the extreme…

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Product Update: Create Events Right From Lead Capture Tools

April 11, 2018

Event planners think ahead. When they’re searching for potential event spaces on behalf of their clients—whether on your website or the Social Tables sourcing platform—you can be certain they’re also sketching the best layout options and designing the whole experience. Often, your best bet as a property is to give them as many planning tools upfront as you’re able to. We’re always exploring new ways to give you more power to do that, and with our latest update, we’ve taken a big step in that direction.   Now, when a planner encounters your lead capture form anywhere online—either on our…

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A planner scrunitizing a Social Tables diagram she exported and printed

Product Update: Download A More Detailed Diagram with Social Tables

March 9, 2018

You’re on the go, and so are your clients. Sometimes, the smartest thing to do is download a Social Tables diagram, print it, and bring it to an onsite visit for feedback. Many customers use Social Tables this way, so it’s important for us to ensure that downloaded diagrams contain as much useful information as possible. With our latest update, we’ve taken a big step in that direction. You can now download and print diagrams in much greater detail. Here’s a look at the new tools. Now, when you choose to ‘Export Diagram…’, you’ll be given the option to show…

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The Pocket Planner Event Planning App Just Got Way Better

March 9, 2018

You’re a planner, so that means you’re busy approximately 25 hours a day. We understand this, which is why we created the Pocket Planner event planning app. With it, you’re always ready to calculate estimates on behalf of your clients, make changes, or map out a schedule — anytime, anywhere. But there’s always room for improvement. So we’re excited to announce we’ve added some great new features to Pocket Planner that we’re sure will make your hectic day a little more manageable. Here’s a look at some of the more significant updates: Log in with your existing Social Tables account.…

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Keep Track of Everything About Your Attendees with Social Tables

February 28, 2018

Okay, so your diagram is perfect. The rounds are spaced correctly, the stage and buffet tables are in the right places, the wiring is mapped out, and the local vendor is on the same page thanks to real-time collaboration. Great! But what about your attendees? Do you know where each one is going to sit? Do you know which dish each of them has ordered, or if any of them have dietary restrictions? At Social Tables, we don’t think your diagram is complete until every attendee is accounted for—and that’s the thinking behind the most recent update to our attendee…

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