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A planner scrunitizing a Social Tables diagram she exported and printed

Product Update: Download A More Detailed Diagram with Social Tables

You’re on the go, and so are your clients. Sometimes, the smartest thing to do is download a Social Tables diagram, print it, and bring it to an onsite visit for feedback. Many customers use Social Tables this way, so it’s important for us to ensure that downloaded diagrams contain as much useful information as possible. With our latest update, we’ve taken a big step in that direction. You can now download and print diagrams in much greater detail. Here’s a look at the new tools. Now, when you choose to ‘Export Diagram…’, you’ll be given the option to show…

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The Pocket Planner Event Planning App Just Got Way Better

You’re a planner, so that means you’re busy approximately 25 hours a day. We understand this, which is why we created the Pocket Planner event planning app. With it, you’re always ready to calculate estimates on behalf of your clients, make changes, or map out a schedule — anytime, anywhere. But there’s always room for improvement. So we’re excited to announce we’ve added some great new features to Pocket Planner that we’re sure will make your hectic day a little more manageable. Here’s a look at some of the more significant updates: 1. Log in with your existing Social Tables…

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Keep Track of Everything About Your Attendees with Social Tables

Okay, so your diagram is perfect. The rounds are spaced correctly, the stage and buffet tables are in the right places, the wiring is mapped out, and the local vendor is on the same page thanks to real-time collaboration. Great! But what about your attendees? Do you know where each one is going to sit? Do you know which dish each of them has ordered, or if any of them have dietary restrictions? At Social Tables, we don’t think your diagram is complete until every attendee is accounted for—and that’s the thinking behind the most recent update to our attendee…

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Create custom template defaults with Social Tables!

Product Update: Create Custom Template Defaults with Social Tables

No two event spaces are exactly alike. There are endless variations in room shape, table size, chair width, and so on. This means that Social Tables diagrams have to be flexible—so we always ensure our product serves as many individuals as possible. But for a number of you, unique circumstances at your event space can continually get in the way of the seamless planning process you expect.  Our staggered round template is a good tool for explaining this problem. When you click and drag it in a diagram, this feature produces a default row spacing of 4’ and column spacing…

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Custom chairs will save you time and make you money

Product Update: Save Time with Customizable Chairs

We believe a Social Tables diagram should bring an event to life for your clients. To make that happen, we must ensure that you can represent every object as accurately as possible—down to the last detail. Our latest update is a big step forward in that area. With our new customizable chairs tool, you can more completely capture the spirit of your event and you can save a bunch of time while you’re at it. Now, when you choose to customize a chair in Social Tables, you have the option of saving the new chair’s dimensions to use later. We’ve…

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Work with the best leads every time

Work with the Best Leads Every Time with Lead Scoring

Sometimes you miss out on the best leads. You know how this works. A potential client submits an RFP and, at a glance, it looks like a solid match for your property. But then you spend a few hours doing research—maybe you even call the lead or craft a response—and it gradually becomes apparent you’ve wasted your time. You wish you’d started somewhere else—with a better lead. We don’t want you wasting another minute on less-than-ideal leads, so we did something about it. With our latest update, we give you to the power to score inbound prospects based on your…

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Easily Track All The Changes To Your Event Plans With Event History

We all know what it’s like to work with too many cooks in the kitchen—especially in event planning. But sometimes your event is complex and you need a lot of collaborators on one project, working on the same diagram. In situations like this, it can be difficult to coordinate the activity of different individuals, even when everyone has the same objective. Our customers have told us that they go to great lengths to avoid this kind of confusion. Some even make a second version of the original diagram in Social Tables when they’re working with multiple collaborators. That way, no…

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Social Tables’ Sharing Tools Just Got Way More Powerful

Our name is Social Tables for a reason. Our tools are meant to be shared; they’re social by design. That means our sharing tools should be the easiest-to-use and most flexible tools we offer, right? Well, now they are. Our new custom sharing tools let you share an event diagram exactly the way you want, with whoever you want, whenever you want. Does the caterer need access to your diagram from Tuesday to Saturday, but your assistant need it from Wednesday to Friday? No problem! You can do that and more with custom sharing. Let’s take a look. As flexible…

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We’re updating Social Tables with Sales & Catering integrations so you can seamlessly upload details such as date, start time, property name, room name, setup style, and function room right from your ISAC or Opera accounts.

Faster with Diagramming ISAC Sales & Catering System Integration

When you’re busy planning multiple events at your property, the last thing you want to do is waste time re-entering event data across different applications. That’s why we’re updating Social Tables with Sales & Catering integrations–so you can seamlessly upload details such as date, start time, property name, room name, setup style, and function room right from your ISAC accounts. There are a few ways you can use these new integrations to make your life easier. Let’s break down two of them: mapping properties and rooms, and uploading event details. Mapping properties and rooms: 1. Download our XLSX template. This…

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With our latest update, you can choose to make any object in your diagram transparent.

Keep an Eye on Every Object in Your Event Diagram with Social Tables

Every event planner knows that the little details make a big difference. For instance, even slight errors in the placement of electrical cords or rigging can cause major headaches on event day. At Social Tables, we hate headaches, which is why we just made it easier for you to keep track of every object on your event diagram. With our latest update, you can choose to make any object in your diagram transparent. That way, it’s no problem to find or reference other objects that may be below or above it–whether you’re looking at your event space in two dimensions (like…

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