Collaborative diagramming with Social Tables just got faster and more convenient

Event Diagramming with Social Tables Just Got Faster and More Collaborative

Social Tables gives your team the tools it needs to plan events quickly and collaboratively. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Social Tables’ diagramming tools are now even quicker and more collaborative.

Everyone’s invited!

We made two big changes this week that will improve the way you plan:

  1. The collaborators you invite to work on an event no longer need to accept invitations. The moment you invite them to collaborate, they gain immediate access to the event; all they have to do is log in to Social Tables and find the event on their Home page.
  2. Essential users can now enjoy expanded access to events in Social Tables when an event owner invites them to collaborate. In other words: you don’t need to be a paying customer of Social Tables to work on large scale events as long as the event owner who invited you is already a paying customer. Want to take advantage of these new tools right away? Invite a few of the properties or planners you’re work with to join you in a diagram.
Add collaborators to your event diagrams in Social Tables and let them get to work

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What’s in it for properties?

Onboarding new staff or a third-party planner is now a cinch. Just invite them, and let them get to work doing the stuff they do best!

What’s in it for planners?

Less stress, more time. You can stop wasting precious moments worrying if your collaborators have the appropriate access to your event in Social Tables. Rest assured they’re ready to get to diagramming as soon as you invite them.

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