Easily Track All The Changes To Your Event Plans With Event History

We all know what it’s like to work with too many cooks in the kitchen”especially in event planning. But sometimes your event is complex and you need a lot of collaborators on one project, working on the same diagram. In situations like this, it can be difficult to coordinate the activity of different individuals, even when everyone has the same objective.

Our customers have told us that they go to great lengths to avoid this kind of confusion. Some even make a second version of the original diagram in Social Tables when they’re working with multiple collaborators. That way, no one else can make an unexpected change that would disrupt someone else’s plans. But that’s an easy way to create an even bigger versioning headache. 

We wanted to solve this problem, and we think we have.

With our latest update to Social Tables, you can track the entire history of changes and updates everyone has made to your event’s diagrams! That means you can easily get in touch with collaborators who’ve made changes, and quickly decide if the diagram should be changed back to an earlier state.

Start by clicking the down arrow next to your diagram’s title. You’ll find it in the upper-left hand corner of Social Tables. From there, select ˜Event History.’ Here’s what you’ll see:

Social Tables Event History

From here, you can find just what you need fast:

  1. View everything quickly with the chronological, collapsable default view
  2. Pop open any section to see specific details, such as the placement of a table
  3. Even search by ˜date range’ and ˜user’ to solve specific questions (as seen below)
Social Tables Event History search by user

Keep everything about your events organized in one place

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Why properties love this tool

With the new event history tool, planners and staff fix mistakes before they happen. This makes for a much smoother event day, which of course increases the likelihood of repeat business. Large, complicated events have hardly been simpler to plan or more valuable to host.

Why planners love this tool

Speed! Now you don’t have to ask everyone who could have made a change to your diagram”you can find out in seconds, and correct the error. This frees you up to spend more time where it matters: cultivating relationships with your customers and leads.

Head into Social Tables now, open up any one of your existing diagrams, and give it a shot. You’re ready to start tracking changes and saving time today. And if you’re not already a Social Tables user, remember: it’s free for planners!

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