Share All The Right Room Options With New Presentation Layer Tools

We’ve heard from event planners and sales managers alike that it should be easier to share a full list of ideal rooms and floorplans with clients. That way, they won’t have to do the work themselves to see which rooms at a given property would work for their event.

So we made that happen.

You can now share a link to a standalone presentation layer that directs those who click it to view a specific room or a filtered list of rooms.

Simply highlight the rooms you want to send, click the “Share Link” button, and share the specific room with your clients or team members.

Take a look at how it operates in an incognito window below. It demonstrates that anyone with one of these new links can go directly to the correct list of rooms.

Why properties love this

This updates empowers sales managers to share a specific room (or a collection of rooms) that satisfies their clients’ needs—which saves time and provides an exceptional planning experience.

Why planners love this

This new tool also enables planners to share critical venue information with their clients, team members, and stakeholders. This instantly makes your job and your clients’ simpler.

If you already have Social Tables Event Sales Solution in place, then this new feature is already live. Start using it with your clients and team members today. If you don’t, then connect with your Customer Success Manager or set up a demo today—because sourcing venue space should be painless!

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