A planner scrunitizing a Social Tables diagram she exported and printed

Product Update: Download A More Detailed Diagram with Social Tables

You’re on the go, and so are your clients. Sometimes, the smartest thing to do is download a Social Tables diagram, print it, and bring it to an onsite visit for feedback. Many customers use Social Tables this way, so it’s important for us to ensure that downloaded diagrams contain as much useful information as possible.

With our latest update, we’ve taken a big step in that direction. You can now download and print diagrams in much greater detail. Here’s a look at the new tools.

Now, when you choose to ˜Export Diagram¦’, you’ll be given the option to show chair numbers, object dimensions, and section labeling on your diagram download. Check it out in action below:

More export options are now available in Social Tables

We’ve also decoupled gridlines from the view settings. Here’s what that means: if you choose to include gridlines in a download, it will only be turned on in the downloaded file and not in the diagram.

Here’s an example of a download with all three options turned on:

A look at a detailed Social Tables diagram

Why properties love this

Nearly everyone prints diagrams from Social Tables to share and brainstorm event plans”so giving you more flexibility to add detail just makes sense. Your team will make smarter decisions faster with our new features.

Why planners love this

It’s all about communication and time. If you’re better able to communicate the details of a diagram to a client or property, you’ll save time for more important matters”like finding great new event spaces with the Social Tables sourcing platform.

These updates are free to use, so hop into Social Tables today and download a few diagrams, because you and your clients deserve to have all information about a diagram at your fingertips.

Diagramming so easy it basically does it for you

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