Keep Track of Everything About Your Attendees with Social Tables

Okay, so your diagram is perfect. The rounds are spaced correctly, the stage and buffet tables are in the right places, the wiring is mapped out, and the local vendor is on the same page thanks to real-time collaboration. Great! But what about your attendees? Do you know where each one is going to sit? Do you know which dish each of them has ordered, or if any of them have dietary restrictions?

At Social Tables, we don’t think your diagram is complete until every attendee is accounted for”and that’s the thinking behind the most recent update to our attendee management tools. Now, you can find your attendees much more easily, and you can get to know more about them with the wave of a mouse. 

Here’s how. Now, when you’re working with an attendee list in the left panel of a diagram, you can hover over any attendee to see, at a minimum, their name and location.

You can take another route if you want. Simply hover your mouse over any of the occupied chairs in your diagram. A popover of useful information”such as meal and dietary tags”will appear.

In fact, here’s a list of all the details you can find quickly with this new feature.

  • Attendee name
  • Number of guests associated with the attendee
  • ADA information
  • Attendee’s organization
  • Tags
  • Meals
  • Notes

And since it’s critical for you to be able to find attendees quickly and easily, we’ve updated the seating search tool to allow you to filter your attendees by the following criteria:

  • Tags
  • Meals
  • Custom fields
  • Organization
  • Title
  • Phone number
  • Contents of notes
  • Email
  • Salutation
  • Table Number
  • Table Name

Why properties love this

No more attendee management issues! The latest Social Tables update to our table planner gives you and your team the information you need to deliver a stunning event to your attendees”especially those VIPs in attendance.

Why planners love this

Planners love information”the more the better. Now, information on every attendee is at your fingertips. Once you can ensure an excellent experience for your event’s attendees, you also ensure a happy and productive relationship folks at the property.

This update is free to use”so log in to Social Tables now, because you should have all the information you want about your event’s attendees!

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