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Product Update: Save Time with Customizable Chairs

We believe a Social Tables diagram should bring an event to life for your clients. To make that happen, we must ensure that you can represent every object as accurately as possible”down to the last detail.

Our latest update is a big step forward in that area. With our new customizable chairs tool, you can more completely capture the spirit of your event and you can save a bunch of time while you’re at it.

Now, when you choose to customize a chair in Social Tables, you have the option of saving the new chair’s dimensions to use later. We’ve heard from many of you: for anyone who often diagrams with unusually-sized chairs, this update is a game changer. You no longer have to create those chairs from scratch every time you open a new diagram. They’re right there waiting for you! This will save you hours.

There are two ways you can do it. Check out the first below:

  1. When you change the size of one of our pre-set chairs to a size we don’t have listed in our defaults, you will be given the option to save those dimensions for later use.
  1. You can also create a new customized chair by clicking ˜File,’ and selecting ˜Administrator Settings’ in the drop down. This will take you to the same menu you see above. From this view, you can add as many customized chairs as you wish.

Once you customize a new chair, you can access it anytime when you choose from one of the “Saved Sizes” options in the right hand panel (please note: you may need to refresh first to see the options populate in the dropdown).

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Why properties love this

More accurate diagrams mean fewer event day mix-ups and more satisfied clients. Changes like this can give your property an advantage when a planner is choosing whether to submit an RFP for repeat business. And don’t forget the time this feature will save you and your clients.

Why planners love this

This update has the potential to save you hours of busy work and event day headaches. You can spend more of that time doing what matters: finding more clients.

The update is live and free! You can log in to Social Tables now and customize a chair of your own. Don’t wait because now is as good a time as any to start saving time and making more money.

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