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Product Update: New Search Filters and RFP Tools

A client is asking you to plan a large event that may draw as few as 133 attendees or as many as 755. You’re concerned. That’s a pretty huge range—so sourcing event space flexible enough to accommodate such a gap could be a real challenge.

That is, until now.

With the latest updates to the Social Tables sourcing platform, you have the power to search for only the properties that match your clients’ specific requirements with easy-to-use search filters.

Take a look below: These are the five hotels in the Chicago-area flexible enough to satisfy either end of the extreme attendee gap. Not only that, but they also have the necessary number of meeting rooms, guest rooms, and event space square footage. All you had to do to find them was adjust those filter you see on the left-hand panel.

Five Chicago-area properties ideal for your next big event

But we didn’t just want you find these properties. Why not take the next logical step and submit an RFP to the two that look most promising? Now you can. Simply click the pink ‘Add to Cart’ button you see below a property’s listing in the search results, and we’ll put a blank RFP in your cart.

And even though you have the flexibility to add up to ten different RFPs to your cart at time, you only have to fill out the form once. That’s right, you can send the same RFP to multiple properties with just a few clicks. We’re striving to make it easy as possible for planners to do what they do best: plan great event day experiences. We think these updates are some of the biggest steps we’ve taken in that direction.

Why properties love this

You have a new—and extremely efficient—source of RFPs. With these changes to the sourcing platform, you’re guaranteed to intake more leads than ever before.

Why planners love this

Think of all the time you can save. With these latest updates, all the barriers to sourcing, contacting, and striking a deal with a property have been lowered. With that extra time, you could focus on what matters: finding more clients to help.

Increase group business & RFPs with easy tools

Get Started Now

These features are all free to use, so head over to our sourcing platform now to give the new search filters a whirl. And after that? Submit as many RFPs as you want, because with the Social Tables, there’s so much less between you and your next amazing event.