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8 Event Ticket Software Apps to Seriously Speed Up Registration

When you plan an event, you work hard to make it amazing. But selling tickets for your event ” to get attendees to actually experience it ” can be a huge challenge, especially while you’re in the middle of decorating and organizing caterers.

That’s why we’ve compiled the best event ticketing software apps that every event planner should check out. All of the apps we’ve chosen will save you tons of time and help you increase your event ticket sales.

Here are the Top 8 Event Ticket Software Apps for Meeting & Event Planners to Consider:

1. Cvent

We might be biased toward Cvent’s registration and ticketing software, available here.

Pros: Cvent is a leader across all of the G2 Crowd Event Management Platform reports that rank providers based on their ability to serve various markets. The platform eliminates the need for spreadsheets and paperwork to track attendees. To accommodate events of all types, sizes, and complexities, the system is completely customizable. Want to see it in action? Just request a free demo to see how it works.

Cons: Flex registration is still on the way for more users than ever, allowing an easier way to build event registration websites. But one rating on G2Crown mentions some design elements within it are more structured than she’d like.

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2. Eventbrite

Pros: Eventbrite’s mission is clear: bring the world together through live experiences. So they have resources to help you sell more tickets and also learn about what’s going on in the event industry.  

If you need something that’s easy to use, Eventbrite is a good option to consider. Michael Facchinello, head of Denver operations for Clique Studios, used Eventbrite for a design sprint workshop. It was super easy to use for event management and we were able to integrate the registration process directly into our website, which was great for our brand.

From the event-goer’s perspective, Eventbrite is perfect for finding plenty of events to go to.

Cons: There’s not much room for customizing templates, according to a review from Capterra. Another reviewer says you can’t fully get rid of Eventbrite branding if you want to take full design control.


Pros: No setup fees here. The company also claims to have one of the lowest service fees in the ticketing industry. It’s easy to use – and you can sell tickets from your mobile device.

Tix also has a guest engagement feature. You can develop relationships with your attendees with things like social posts and surveys.

Customer service for Tix is top notch.

Cons: Updates to the software tend to lag, according to a reviewer on G2 Crowd.

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4. Ticketbud

Pros: Ticketbud is an online event ticketing software that puts all event organizers in complete control of how they pay for the ticketing of their event. Event organizers also get daily payouts with Ticketbud.

According to Capterra reviews, Ticketbud has excellent customer service. It’s also very easy to use.

Cons: One reviewer suggested a portal where reviewers can sell face-to-face. Another reviewer said they had some issues with background images.

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5. TicketLeap

Pros: This event ticket management app platform offers low ticket fees for event organizers. To learn and grow as an event planner, Ticketleap provides an educational platform called Events University. You can find all kinds of information to help you plan your event. For example, find out how to get people talking about your event or how to plan your event within one week.

Another pro? You can build web pages that will be user friendly on both desktop and mobile devices.

Cons: Ticketleap is only for one-day events, according to a Capterra review.

6. Eventbee

Pros: Eventbee is very affordable. They charge a $1 flat fee for all tickets sold. And for social media event marketing, they got you covered.

They have a variety of social sharing features including Facebook RSVP and social media sharing tools.

Cons: The color and design do not stand out. It won’t wow anyone, according to a review posted on Capterra.

7. ThunderTix

Pros: ThunderTix is an event ticketing software that’s all about integrating external marketing resources. You can use the widget to embed your event list into your website, promote events with event links given to you by ThunderTix, and sell tickets from your Facebook page.

ThunderTix gives you the option to customize your email templates so that the email represents your brand’s style.

Cons: Development of the platform is more focused on new features rather than making existing features better, according to a review on Capterra.

8. Accelevents

Pros: Accelevents is affordable. It offers a full spectrum of services for event hosts. To start, event hosts can customize their own event page and add custom ticket/registration types to sell to their guests. Accelevents also has some integrations with their suite of fundraising tools, such as mobile silent auctions, donation pages, and text-to-give campaigns.

The platform integrates their fundraising suite with the event ticketing capabilities, meaning you can sell tickets to your fundraising event, and collect auction bids or donations at the same time.

Cons: The platform has some glitches, according to reviewers on Capterra. For auctions, there a few complaints such as changing the order of auction items after you have them all uploaded.

Now That Your Event Ticketing Software is All Set, Improve the Check-In Experience!

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Soon enough, all those ticket holders will show up at your event! You need to be ready to check them in and process their tickets. The right app can help there too.

For example, our cloud-based check-in app makes it a breeze to check in guests as they arrive and track who’s attending. Like many of the ticketing apps, it’s customizable, meaning you can get personalized information about attendees and even get notifications when VIPs arrive.

There are plenty of great check-in apps out there! Here are a few of our favorites.

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Still have questions about event ticket software?

What is a ticketing platform?

In the events industry, a ticketing platform refers to any software that enables event planners to sell/distribute tickets for an event.

How do I make event tickets online?

Use a ticketing platform to generate an inventory of tickets, and then distribute the link to the ticket sales page to your audience, so they can input payment information and purchase tickets/