Social Media Drives Ticket Sales

8 Social Media Tactics that Drive Event Ticket Sales

Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Check out our Instagram feed! How often have you seen or heard these exclamatory calls to action (CTAs) in the last couple years? Probably enough to the point where you’ve tuned it out.

Setting up a Facebook page and blanket sharing your blog updates is a pointless endeavor if you don’t have an audience.

Reposting a tweet to your Instagram profile won’t transfer over well (it’s a visual platform you guys!), and frankly, it’s just plain lazy.

The point is that to win at social media, you have to put in the effort to understand each network’s quirks, and implement a well thought-out strategy to succeed.

For marketing an event, leveraging the power of social media can push your ticket sales to the next level. Events are inherently social, so it only makes sense to dedicate resources into the different channels that have sprouted up in recent years.

In this post, we’ll share 8 of our best social media tactics to use for marketing your event.

1. Re-­sharing attendee’s photos on Instagram

Every interaction attendees have with your event’s brand is a golden opportunity.

Re-­sharing photos is a great way to capitalize on this. Instagram doesn’t have as much built-­in sharing capabilities as other social networks. What it does offer is photo mentioning. Instagrammers can mention their friends in a photo’s comments by typing in their username. The friend will get a notification letting them know of the mention.

By re-­sharing attendee photos in your feed, you can unlock some brand exposure through mentioning. People get pumped when a brand mentions them directly. They’ll want to tell their friends about it, and what easier way than by mentioning them in the comments?

2. Contests

A nice segue from tip #1 is holding contests to promote sharing across your social media channels like Instagram.

For this to work, you must make it insanely easy to complete the steps to enter the contest. If your event site is using WordPress, KingSumo’s Giveaways plugin makes this simple to do. Also, ensure that your giveaway is relevant to your audience.

Pro-tip: Free tickets are a great giveaway. You can make the assumption that anyone who enters the contest is interested in attending your event.

3. Incentivize social sharing through promos

It is in your attendees’ best interest to get their friends to buy tickets to your event – events are always more fun when you know someone that’s going.

To encourage social sharing, offer small discounts on ticket prices when attendees share to their networks. You can arm them with a promo code to accomplish this.

Using Social Media to Connect the Dots

4. Spend a little dough to increase engagement on Twitter

If you don’t have a massive following on Twitter, utilizing their advertising tools can jumpstart your efforts.

Twitter’s advertising platform offers event marketers many options to choose from. For increasing engagement, I suggest utilizing their Tweet Engagements campaign. This campaign makes it super easy for your target audience to share, retweet, and favorite your ad creatives.

Pro-tip: Check out this blog post for a deeper dive into using Twitter to promote your event.

Plan Events Seamlessly

5. Leverage your speaker’s audience

This is an easy one. Get in touch with your speakers pre-event, and get them to promote their session through their own social channels. If someone is doing speaking engagements, they likely have a large network to cross-promote into.

You can also tag the speaker in your own social media posts to encourage them to reshare. Additionally, giving them referral codes to use when promoting will allow you to track the ticket sales they’re generating for you.

6. Repurpose event content for long lasting effects

Are you live streaming presentations? Collecting photos day-­of? If you’re not, you really should be!

Already creating content? Then there’s no reason not to share it during and after your event. Repurposing content is a great way to stay top of mind with attendees and expose your brand to new audiences.

Pro-tip: Get your speakers to upload their slide decks to SlideShare then encourage them to share it online.

7. Linkedin Groups

This only works for certain niche events, but worth exploring nonetheless. Let’s say you’re running a marketing conference geared towards lead generation…

…browsing through Linkedin Groups, you’ll find marketing groups with some specific to lead generation. Depending on how large your conference is, these members could fit into your target audience. LinkedIn can be a highly effective platform to promote niche events.

Join the groups, contribute quality content, and post about your event when the timing is right.

8. Consider your city’s subreddit

A misconception with marketing on Reddit is that the community eviscerates anything you submit. WRONG! The smart event marketer can traverse the Reddit waters by actually contributing meaningful content for a relevant subreddit.

A subreddit is a sub-­community focused on a specific topic. If you live in a large enough city, there’s a good chance it’ll have a dedicated subreddit. Many of these have event calendars or weekly posts of stuff to do. Take advantage of this by contacting the subreddit’s moderator to see if your event can get added. You can also submit a link about your event to a subreddit.

While this post is about tactics, it’s important to note that having a strategy in place fuels any social media experiments you test out. Set goals, define your target audience, and hustle your way to a sold out event.

Download the guide below, which highlights 30 ways you can leverage every social network to promote your events.

30 Social Media Tips to Drive Engagement