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Tech Thursday: Is 3D or CAD Event Software Best for Your Planning Business?

Standing out in the event planning industry takes more than on-demand creativity and top-notch organizational skills. Those are essential, of course, but the ability to share your vision—and fast—with current and potential clients is also critical.  To create shareable event visuals, planners and event designers turn to 3D event design software and CAD (computer-assisted design).…

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Seminar Planning: How Event Technology Created Incredible Spaces at CEMA 2018

Held over three exciting days in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, CORT Events assisted in inspiring, designing, and executing the Corporate Event Marketing Association (CEMA) annual conference, CEMA Summit 2018. The conference, held by an industry organization filled with more than 800 active senior-level event marketers and industry professionals, presented an opportunity to the CORT Events team.…

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Top Conference Software Picks for Each Piece of Successful Meetings

This year, the Events Industry Council released their much-awaited study on the economic significance of the meeting and conference industry. Inside was a stat that many meeting planners are already feeling: While the number of meetings increased 5.4% since 2009, a pickup in attendance per meeting lifted the total number of participants by 22.7%. While…

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What You Need to Know About Event Apps in 2020 & Beyond

Alongside several other event trends that are shaping the industry, the mobile event app will continue to have much influence over events throughout this year and beyond. Developments in-app capabilities, as well as new guidelines introduced by Apple, have both propelled event app providers to evolve and innovate at a faster-than-expected pace. Luckily, this is…

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5 Ways Software Can Boost Audience Participation at Events

Interacting with your audience is the best way to make sure the point of your presentation really gets across. Research shows that an audience that is engaged remembers more, comprehends better, and has more positive associations with the presentation. You can boost audience participation by using some of the great software below. Why great speaking…

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What is a Chatbot and Why Should Event Planners Care?

Many of you are probably wondering ‘what is a chatbot?’ In short, it is a little popup window with a prompt when someone visits your site to chat with an agent, salesperson, or contact. Chatbots can be programmed to appear for certain users, at certain times, or on certain pages of a site – such…

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How to Ease Client Communication with Real-Time Collaboration

Sharing event diagrams during event planning makes communicating with partners, colleagues, and clients a breeze. Use real-time collaboration for client communication puts an end to email chains about small changes, as well as to ensure you provide clients with a professional experience. Here’s how to use collaboration for client communications.  Collaboration for client communication puts…

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The 29 Best Event Management Tools On The Market

Event management tools are a topic we love talking about. Mainly because experiential marketing stats show that the use of event management software increases attendance by 20%, productivity by 27%, and profit margin by 20-30% on average.   And with so many more free event management tools online these days, it’s no wonder why more…

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