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7 of the Best Check-In Apps for Speedy Event Registration

Event check-in is an immediate and integral part of any event. Without optimizing the check-in process, you’ll lose time while attendees wait in line. Want to speed up the registration process? Pick one of these check-in apps or registration software options for the good of your events.

Here’s our list of seven event check-in apps that make it easier and faster to greet event participants.

1. OnArrival by Cvent

Cvent OnArrival Check-in app


  • OnArrival eliminates stress, late-night badge stuffing, and long lines by helping you check in attendees as quickly as possible.
  • All guest data syncs securely and automatically across the Cvent event management platform.
  • Additionally, you can offer guests a self-service “kiosk mode,” on-demand badge printing, and even payment processing.

Best for: Event planners who need a comprehensive solution that also syncs with their event management platform for greater efficiency and accuracy.

OnArrival will be especially useful for the 54% of event planners who said they plan to host even more events this year than they did last year. Multiple events mean thousands of different data points and tasks to keep track of. An all-in-one solution like the one offered by Cvent prepares event managers for a smoother experience for planner and attendees alike.

Learn more about OnArrival here.

2. Social Tables Check-in

Social Tables event check-in app


  • Check-in by Social Tables is the fastest event check-in app on the market. Well-known brands such as Forbes, Dow Jones, and Blizzard Entertainment trust this cloud-based app for simple event registration.
  • Forget the days of onsite training for event staff. The user-friendly design and intuitive features help guide staff through each step.
  • The Social Tables Check-in app is so easy to use, even when picking it up for the first time.

Best for: Venue managers and event planners who need a tried and true check-in app with minimal set-up.

And, despite its simplicity, the Social Tables Check-In app is still robust enough to handle any event, regardless of how complex your check-in process will be.

Learn more about Social Tables Check-in here.

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3. Boomset

Boomset Check-in App


  • This mobile event management platform helps event planners when it’s go-time.
  • Boomset is a verified event check-in software that’s “where the guest experience begins,” with lots of options for registering attendees.
  • Instead of letting the entry line pile up, use Boomset’s tech to keep things moving.

Best for: Managing events happening simultaneously or hundreds of miles away from your headquarters.

User reviews note how Boomset has been particularly helpful for off-site events that require guidance from staff at the main office. Being able to give your event staff the freedom to put their focus solely on the attendees is a great customer service tactic that also improves the overall guest experience.

Learn more about Boomset here.

4. Certain Arrive

CheckInEasy Registration iPad app


  • This easy-to-use iOS app makes guest registration, check-in, and management so simple.
  • Set up “VIP notifications” so that you’re immediately alerted when a guest of honor arrives at your meeting.
  • With live customer support at hand, say goodbye to any day-of event panic you’re used to!

Best for: Free events or events that expect a lot of walk-ins.

Certain Arrive highlights their ability to service non-pre-registered attendees with features that make grabbing their data and sending them on their way virtually painless. This is especially useful for events where your primary goal is to capture leads. Empowering your event staff with this tool will make sure none of your valuable guest data slips through your fingers.

Learn more about Certain Arrive here.

5. Zkipster

Source: Zkipster


  • This guest list software for event planners and PR professionals covers every part of attendee management. You can use Zkipster to create a guest list, design a seating chart, and register guests when they arrive.
  • With vetted data security, Zkipster is the total package for event check-in (just ask HBO, Red Bull, and Saks Fifth Avenue).

Best for: Events where the venue might have inconsistent WiFi signals.

In those cases, Zkipster’s ability to locally save data is a godsend. If the WiFi does go out, all mobile check-in information is safely held until it can automatically resync across all devices once the connection is reestablished. You can maintain a fluid experience for guests while still managing check-in communication and data.

Learn more about Zkipster here.

6. Attendium

Attendium Check In App
Source: Attendium


  • Attendium simplifies guest list management for venues and events by making all your favorite tools work together.
  • It syncs with the Facebook mobile app, which means that attendees can find your events through Facebook and register at their own pace.
  • It’s also great for separating attendees into specific categories or groups.

Best for: Event planners who need to upload, download, and share multiple guest lists for every event.

This is especially important for high-volume events or venues that expect crowds on the weekends (they work with a lot of event companies as well as nightlife venues). Press events especially benefit from the guest list feature ” after it’s all over, you can send all your attendee data to clients with just a couple clicks.

Learn more about Attendium here.

7. Guest Manager

Guest Manager check in software
Source: Guest Manager


  • Guest Manager is an event management software for event check-in, barcode ticket scanning, online ticket sales, RSVPs and much more.
  • Their digital solutions are impressive, but it’s the physical event check-in that might win you over.
  • The tool is very flexible, so you can import guest info from a spreadsheet or scan tickets on a mobile device.
  • And when things get hectic on event day, the search feature gives your staff lightning-fast response times when checking in any guest.

Best for: Venue managers who want a managed solution.

The service’s trained support staff will walk you through a software demo, provide an in-depth consultation, set up your account, train your staff on how to use the product, and provide day-of event phone support in case something goes wrong. You’ll even get your own personal concierge for a truly white-glove service experience.

Learn more about Guest Manager here.

Now You’re Ready for a Smooth Event Check-In with the Best App For You!

When optimizing your event check-in processes, it might be in your best interest to give one of these tools a try. Forget the pen and paper and embrace the cloud (your attendees will thank you later). Up next, discover the best event floor plan layout apps to get your seating right, and how to create an awesome event planning digital portfolio to win even more clients.

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A bit more about check-in apps:

What is a check-in app?

A check-in app is used onsite at events to track attendees’ arrivals and provide up to date information when necessary. This can include seat location, VIP information, and any relevant notes.

How do I check in to an event?

The best check in apps enable attendees to merely provide their information (name or email should do it), and immediately be welcomed according to their personalized event profile.

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