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20 Event Planning Video Tips and Ideas: Awesome Strategies that Build Buzz

In addition to juggling design ideas, client requests, and venue research, event planners must also be skilled marketers. Today, that means knowing how to build engagement with event planning videos. 

Video marketing is powerful. According to a recent video marketing survey by Wyzowl, 85 percent of businesses used video as a marketing tool in 2019, and 88 percent said video yields a positive ROI.

Read on to learn how to use video to generate buzz”for your event planning business and the events you design. 

Tips for creating event planning marketing videos

1. Clarify the goal of every video

Of course, this will vary depending on whether the video is for your own company or an event you planned. And within each area, your objectives will also shift and change. Here are some possible video goals: 

  • Double your social media follower count 
  • Support a push for early-bird event registration
  • Hit a specific number of views 
  • Demonstrate expertise in a particular event niche
  • Boost brand awareness

Professional video producers understand more is not better. Having a specific goal in mind helps you narrow the video’s focus. If you are making a video to boost brand awareness around your event business, don’t cover the last year of your work. Instead, choose one of your current projects, and zoom in on achievements that made you and your team high five. For example, show how you brainstormed a fun event tagline for an accountants conference or designed an ombre balloon bridge that stole the show.   

For a video promoting an event, focus on one guest speaker, or record a run-through of a lively event ice breaker with your client’s team. Concentrated moments help viewers see themselves at the event; too many disconnected images and viewers tune out.  

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2. Keep your event planning videos short

According to Vidyard, shorter marketing videos equate to higher retention rates. Videos over 30 minutes have a retention rate of 10 percent, while videos between 30 and 90 seconds have an 11 percent retention rate. If you’re making a video for your website homepage, or an event landing page, Vidyard recommends keeping the videos between 30 and 60 seconds. 

As you develop a following for your event expertise, however, you can increase the length of your explainer and how-to videos. A flower-arranging demo or an insider’s peek at your new office design may run between five and ten minutes. 

For promotional videos for events, start with short segments when people are still deciding whether or not to register. As the event gets closer, lengthen the videos in marketing emails and on social media to build excitement and engagement among attendees. 

3. Make it easy for people to find your videos

You need to use SEO (search engine optimization) tactics so that your video shows up when people search for your event or your event planning topic. Here are some essential strategies to use:

  • Enlist the right keywords. Research keywords related to the video subject matter (e.g., ˜business conference’ or ˜event planning tips’) for use in your video titles, tags, and URLs. Use digital marketing services such as Semrush, Moz Keyword Explorer, or Keywordtool.io, some of which offer a small number of free searches. 
  • Go with longtail keywords if you can. Longtail keywords are long strings of words and phrases people might search. Think, ˜small business conferences in the northeast’ or ˜easy event layout hacks.’ 
  • Choose your thumbnail wisely. What appears before visitors click the arrow on your website or YouTube? It’s essential to manually select a still image or short video thumbnail to make the subject matter engaging and clear. Your video editing software will have a tool for creating still or video thumbnails.
  • Keep video titles short. For YouTube videos, the recommended title length is 70 characters with spaces. 

4. Make your videos accessible 

Your followers or event attendees with disabilities should have unfettered access to your content. Some essential elements of accessible videos: 

  • Captions. With captions, the audio is written out on screen. Captions are closed (the viewer turns the caption on or off) or open (incorporated into the video).  
  • Audio descriptions. These describe the visual elements of a video.
  • Clear sound, clear words. The sound should be crystal clear, and anyone speaking should be audible. Scripts can help minimize some of the ˜ums’ and ˜ahs’ that can make audio tougher to follow.
  • Transcripts. This lets people access the information without viewing or listening to the video. 

5. Feature clear branding on each video

Whether you are promoting your business or a client’s event, any event videos you produce must align with the appropriate branding. 

For example, if you own a luxury event planning business, your production value should have an extra measure of polish. That means making impeccable clothing choices when you’re on screen and ensuring the background features only high-end elements. 

For events, the videos should feature a watermark with the event branding and always keep the attendee profile in mind. For a business conference in Austin, create a video sharing the best tacos and barbecue joints within walking distance from the convention center.

6. Get familiar with video tools, tech, and platforms

One of the most important tools is likely in your hand, back pocket, or bag right now. Cell phone cameras are better than ever and take excellent videos for instant or live social sharing, and even for produced videos. But the essential tools go well beyond your cellphones. Let’s take a closer look:

Marketing video production gear: 

  • High-quality digital video camera
  • Lenses to vary shots between wide-angle and zoom.
  • Tripod
  • Camera lights
  • Light reflectors
  • Digital storage 
  • Gimbal (helps stabilize shots taken without a tripod)

Marketing video production software:  

  • Vimeo business
  • Wistia
  • Filmora9
  • Adobe Premiere Rush

Marketing video platforms and social:

  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok 

Video ideas to promote your event planning business

7. Share expert event planning tips and favorite finds

What’s your event design specialty? Contracting sought-after speakers for the keynotes at your conferences? Create a video where you discuss how you’re able to manage this challenge.  where others fall short. Perhaps you’re up on all the latest event planning technology. Share your top choices for event planning apps or event diagramming software. When you find a showstopping design element or solve a problem with a creative hack, share these with your followers”fellow event planners are always on the lookout for tips and inspiration.  

8. Show your work

Produce videos that show off your event production portfolio. You can include these on your website or your business YouTube channel. Video ideas to consider:

  • Your best recent stage and backdrop design.
  • A stunning floral arrangement you created from concept to final product.
  • A conference coffee and snack station. 
  • The wellness breaks you incorporated into a business conference.

9. Interview industry peers and partners

Create a video channel on YouTube where you discuss the industry with other event professionals and top vendors. Discussions can range from kickstarting an event planning career to tips for streamlining vendor partnerships. 

10. Share your big news 

Expanding your team? Designing your first event overseas? Let your followers know with a short video. 

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Video ideas to promote your events 

Whether you are an independent event planner or you plan events for a company, one of your key tasks is generating awareness to improve attendance and excitement. Video is an invaluable tool that achieves this goal across platforms to reach as wide an audience as possible. Here are ideas for videos that build engagement from pre- to post-event: 

Before the event

11. Event teaser video.

Share news about definite seminars, workshops, and speakers. Keep it short, and focus on what attendees will gain”the goal is to boost registrations among people who aren’t clear on the event benefits.

12. Introduce the keynote speaker.

Have them introduce themselves briefly and share the video on the event website, Facebook page, and other social media platforms.

13. Event space walkthroughs.

This video should move at a fast clip, and pop from space to space. Use on-screen text to show what will be happening in each room and auditorium during the conference.

14. Event locale introductions.

This works well if your conference has tourist attractions or exceptional restaurants nearby. Take viewers on a video-tour of local sightseeing spots or outstanding shopping and restaurant districts.  

During the event

15. Live-streams of event speakers and workshops.

Share live-streams of speakers and educational sessions for those ˜attending’ the event remotely. Explore live streaming apps that make this process a breeze. 

16. Time-lapse video of day one.

Intersperse the timelapse with standout moments and post in the evening to sustain engagement into day two. 

17. Fun and short social media videos.

Welcome remote event attendees via Instagram stories, or with a stand-up video posted to Twitter and Facebook. 

After the event

18. Highlights video.

This is a fantastic way to round up the positive event takeaways and generate interest in the same branded event in another city, or the following year.  

19. See you next time! videos.

Similar to a highlights video, but speaking directly to those who were on the fence or couldn’t fit the event in their schedule this time around. 

20. High-production videos for the event or business website.

These are the glamour shots and moments that display your event’s best side. Use these on your company website, or the event landing page. 

Now you’re ready to put the best event planning video ideas into practice!

Event planning videos draw attention to your conferences and your business”with these tips they’re sure to make a positive impression. 
Ready for more video inspiration? Explore our top event planning videos. Or, learn how to hire an event videographer who always captures the exceptional footage you need.

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