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Tips Tuesday: The Secrets to Event Planning & Wedding Taglines That Work

The right tagline or slogan quickly lets people know what’s great about a business, product, or event. Creative taglines also help people remember that benefit. 

There are a lot of ideas about what makes a good tagline, but research shows that people respond to company slogans when they are clear, creative, present a benefit, and rhyme. Event taglines and slogans should also pack a lot of information into just a few words.  

But coming up with concise, creative, and rhyming taglines on command is a tough ask, especially when your creativity is focused on planning great events. We know. And we’re here to help! 

Whether you’re looking for an event planning tagline that attracts clients, an event tagline to inspire attendees, or a wedding-day tagline, use our quick tips to narrow down the field. Then get inspired by our examples.

Part 1: How to write event planning company taglines

To create the perfect slogan for your event planning business, first identify what makes your business unique. Why should customers be interested in your services over those of your competitors? When people rave about your event planning prowess, what do they say? 

Take a step back and try to observe your business offerings objectively. What are your true strengths as a planner? Then talk with friends, family, and collaborators and ask them what’s the first thing that comes to mind when they think of your business. 

It could be that you have an ability to perfect details in a short amount of time. Or that you bring client ideas to life beyond their expectations. Perhaps a peer in the industry shares that they are still inspired by an event you organized years ago. 

As you collect these impressions, you should notice recurring themes, feelings, or qualities rising to the top, such as:  

  • Memorable
  • A specific quality (e.g., elegance, fun, creativity)
  • Relaxation
  • Dream fulfillment
  • Show-stopping details
  • On-point execution of client ideas

Though you may bring all of these qualities to your event planning, you definitely can’t fit them all into a single tagline. Reduce your strengths down to one, standout quality or offering. Pick the main benefit you want to offer your customers and start your tagline brainstorming with that in mind. 

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1. Event planning company tagline examples

Here are some ideas from each category above to get you rolling. Grab the ones you like and use them as a springboard for further brainstorming. When you have a collection of favorites, search the internet to find out whether your ideas are in use already.


  • Life is an event. Make it memorable.
  • Make any occasion unforgettable
  • Our business is making memories
  • Remembered always
  • Exclusive events, priceless memories
  • Memorable events don’t just happen. They happen to be our business.

A specific quality (e.g., elegance, fun, creativity)

  • An elegant events company
  • Life’s a party, 
  • Extraordinary events delivered
  • Extraordinary life events 
  • Fresh ideas for your event
  • Exclusive events, priceless memories
  • A spectacular turn of events
  • For events as unique as you
  • A stylish wedding begins with us
  • Events with ________ (fill in the blank: elegance, intelligence, panache, flair, style)


  • Sit back while we create the experience of a lifetime
  • Be a guest at your own event
  • From set-up to clean-up
  • Handling the stress so your event is a success
  • We create. You celebrate.
  • We plan. You party.
  • We do the work. You have the fun.
  • We do events. You do you.

Dream fulfillment

  • Because in your dreams, every detail matters
  • Creating the Best. Day. Ever.
  • Every love story is beautiful, but yours should be unique
  • We build your dream around you
  • Bringing dreams to life
  • Your dream event, delivered

Show-stopping details

  • Every detail matters
  • It’s all in the details
  • Precise coordination, extraordinary results
  • Our passion is your perfect event
  • Your occasion deserves our careful planning

On-point execution of client ideas

  • Designing your perfect day
  • Turning ideas into action
  • The event you imagine, brought to life
  • Your vision. Our innovation: Event solutions.
  • Where your ideas take off
  • Making events come alive

2. How to use event tagline or slogan generators 

Tagline or slogan generators can help with brainstorming. On the other hand, they might give you word salad. For example, the prompt event in three different tagline generators returned the following:

  1. Cleans a Big, Big Event for Less Than Half a Crown
  2. Event: Enjoy this moment.
  3. You better get your Event out.

They all sound like they were auto-generated in the uncanny valley; they are both grammatically acceptable and nonsensical. Still, the second option holds promise. Elena’s Events: Enjoy your moment could make the tagline shortlist if you are delivering relaxed, stress-free event planning for your clients. 

Let’s take another spin through tagline generators using the term Wedding planner. Returns include:

  1. Wedding planner: The wise choice
  2. Wedding Planner, Take Me Away
  3. Think Slow, Wedding Planner
  4. Wedding planner always and forever.

Again, no choice quite works on its own, but several can help you brainstorm better ideas. 

The first return could be adapted to any quality you want to highlight, especially if you are eager to position your business relative to the competition: White Glove Wedding Planning: The elegant choice. 

The third option could be adapted in the same way to snappily suggest a certain quality: JM Wedding Production: Think fun, or JM Wedding Production: Think fresh. 

Finally, the last option works as a starting point if memorability and client vision are your strengths: Satin Weddings: Memories always and forever, or Satin Weddings: Designing your always and forever. 

3. How to write event taglines

An event tagline should let people know what they can expect from the event, ideally in a concise and catchy way. When brainstorming, two possible approaches lead to an evocative event tagline that’s on target:

Highlight the event’s value

Ideas worth spreading is the tagline for TED Talks. On its face, this tagline communicates that attendees will have access to valuable ideas, which is true. But this tagline also does more subtle work: It conveys the messages that (a) attendees will be a part of that spreading web of ideas, receiving new information and passing along their own as they network with thinkers and do-ers, and (b) that knowledge and the spread of ideas are worth something. 

Since tickets for the event run in the thousands of dollars, it’s useful for the tagline to remind attendees that there is literal value to the hard-to-quantify concept of ideas.

If your event charges a hefty ticket price, fundraises for a worthy cause, or relies on hard-to-quantify concepts like ˜ideas,’ ˜community,’ or ˜helping,’ consider reminding your audience of the value.

Prioritize clarity

Famous events can rely on their familiarity to do some of the tagline’s heavy lifting. Bonnaroo’s radiate positivity tagline gets positivity-loving attendees ready to drink in the feeling and share it with others. Of course, as a tagline, radiate positivity could also work for a yoga retreat or an alternative energy company summit. But Bonnaroo attendees already know it’s a music festival”everyone already knows it’s a music festival”so there is no need to make that explicit in the tagline.

However, a smaller event may need to spell things out. For example, Helen Keller National Center hosted a seminar for professionals who work with blind travelers. The seminar taught those professionals how to adapt their techniques to work with travelers who are D/deaf and blind. The seminar was called Orientation and Mobility Techniques for Deaf-Blind Travelers: Same but Different. 

The name of the seminar is explicitly descriptive: Orientation and Mobility Techniques for Deaf-Blind Travelers. And the tagline, Same but Different, conveys useful information: That the professionals will be applying the same techniques they already know, but in different ways. 

In English, the tagline is brief and memorable. And in ASL, it incorporates wordplay: in one sign for same, the hands make a particular handshape and move together, while for different, they move apart again. But, between them, is much like different, just with a smaller motion.

Your tagline doesn’t have to incorporate wordplay in two languages, but do aim for a memorable tagline. Above all else, however, focus on clarity. 

If your event is newer, smaller, or less well-known, make sure the event name and tagline convey useful information. But if your event is extremely well-known in your community or area, or if it has a descriptive name, your memorable tagline can focus more on ideas. 

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4. Event tagline examples

Here are event names and taglines for a variety of event types with a focus on clarity and the value of the event:  

  • Turkey Mountain Hike-a-thon: For the value of green places
  • Community Uplift Conference: Disrupting the cycle of poverty
  • Atlantic Rescue Fundraising Ball: Giving animals a second chance
  • Wandering Star Yoga Weekend: Find your balance again
  • The Magnolia Leaf Half-Marathon: Ten years and running 
  • First Thursday Community Luncheon: Where neighbors meet and eat
  • International Landscapers Conference: Planting the seeds for an eco-friendly industry 

Part 2: How to write wedding taglines

A wedding slogan can set a celebratory mood for guests. It can also be a touchstone that sets an intention for the day and for the beginning of the next chapter of the couple’s life. These short phrases often show up on invitations, signs, reception tables, or cocktail napkins. They might highlight adventure, humor, gratitude, or something else important to the couple. 

As the wedding planner, your job is to help the couple with their brainstorming. Suggest that they go out to dinner with a notebook to discuss their first date, favorite vacation spots, or shared loves, such as poetry or movies. This will be their source of inspiration for writing their own tagline or even borrowing a line from a cherished poem.

They can also browse a seemingly infinite number of wedding taglines on Pinterest. If one of them resonates, they can adapt it to their big night. 

It goes without saying that both parties should feel equally positive about the wedding tagline. If the couple doesn’t want or doesn’t agree on a tagline, not to worry! Though this wedding feature is currently enjoying a moment in the sun, it is totally optional.

1. Wedding tagline examples

Wedding taglines are deeply personal and couples need to find the right words for themselves. Share these options with your clients to get the ideas flowing: 

  • To love, laughter, and happily ever after
  • Happily ever after begins here
  • And so, the adventure begins
  • True love is the greatest adventure
  • To a lifetime of adventures together
  • Together is a beautiful place to be
  • To the moon and back
  • Lucky in love
  • Oh happy day!
  • Eat, drink, and be married

2. Wedding hashtags

Wedding hashtags allow everyone to share (and find) event photos on social media. Best practices for effective hashtag selection include:

  • Keep it short (Yes: #DanAndTrina2019. No: #DanAndTrina2Gether4EverTX2019)
  • Avoid using long names or names that people often misspell (Yes: #BajLovesWyatt No:#BaijayantaLovesWyatt)
  • Avoid names with alternate spellings (Yes: #JimAndClaireWed2019  No: #AndersensWed2019)

Wedding hashtag generators are great sources of inspiration. (Unlike slogans, auto-generated hashtags end up sounding just fine.) At Shutterfly’s wedding hashtag generator, you can input information about the couple and the date, and be presented with a clearly organized list of possibilities. 

Whether written for an event planning company, events, or wedding days, taglines should have an authentic ring to them. Forcing humor, sentiment, or snappiness won’t work or may even elicit eye rolls. 

Take your time making a list of qualities you hope to highlight in your company or a specific event, and then keep a running list of taglines that appeal to you. Allow time to pick up and put down tagline projects, and always run your lists by friends, family members, and peers. Soon you’ll have a snappy tagline that can do a lot of work in a little space. (Snappy taglines: Lots of work, little space. See?)

Now you’re ready to create an effective event planning or wedding planning tagline!

For more on starting an event planning company, check out these 101 event company name ideas. Or, stay on top of industry trends with these 15 new social media platforms that event planners need to watch this year.

Looking for some more info on event taglines and slogans?

What is an event tagline?

An event tagline is an extremely quick summary of an event that should hook potential attendees and capture interest for the event.

How do you write a tagline for an event?

An event tagline should let people know what they can expect from the event, ideally in a concise and catchy way. Well known events can afford to be a bit more vague in their taglines, and smaller events should aim for specificity. Make sure your tagline is memorable!

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