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Friday Finds: 15 Must-Watch Event Planning Videos

Looking for event inspiration and education fast? We’ve pulled together some top videos for event planners, so you don’t have to spend hours searching. Each video on this list was selected because of its high-quality content, subject relevance, cool design or format, and unique perspective on the topic.

Discover 15 top event planning videos to learn fast

First, explore helpful videos for starting an event planning business

Between now and 2026, the event planning profession is expected to be very lucrative, with demand for event planners continuing to climb higher than most other jobs. If you’re interested in striking out on your own, now’s a good time. Here are some resources to help get you started:

1. Event Company Name Ideas for Your Business

In our bite size event planning business advice video, we break down the five best ways to choose an event company name. First, you have to know who you’re trying to plan events for (aka your target audience). Then you need to come up with some great words that show you can cater to their wants and needs using some creative brainstorming and research. 

Main Takeaway: If choosing an event company name freaks you out, just start with the basics: who your audience, what you’d like to do for them, and maybe even where you’re located. There are lots of ways to go about this process – just start with these five steps and see what you end up with. 

2. How to START + RUN your Event Planning Business!!

26% of people who start their own small business do it because they want to be their own boss and 23% say it’s because they want to pursue their passion. For you, it might be both! In this great event planning video by YouTube’s Miss Event Planner, you’ll get practical advice from a successful event planner on how to get up and running as well as how you can structure your daily routine. 

Main Takeaway: Getting advice from someone who has been there, done that is one of the smartest things you can do when starting out. 

3. Event Planning 101: 5 Event Planning Mistakes Clients Hate!

This next great event planning video also comes to us from Miss Event Planner (what can we say, she has fantastic advice). At some point, you’re going to make mistakes with your clients and that’s okay. But there are a handful of common and perfectly avoidable ones outlined in this video that you can keep in the back of your mind. 

Main Takeaway: You can’t possibly anticipate every single thing that could go wrong with your business – nor should you! But we like this particular advice video because it’s highly selective, filled with detailed real world examples, and it covers a wide area of issues that will probably come up for most event planners. 

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Next, enjoy videos to brush up on the basics of event planning

If you’re just starting out in this profession, you need some guidance on how to actually organize and execute the events themselves. These event planning videos should help you cover your bases for any event type you’ve got on the horizon. 

4. How to Plan an Event: The Simple Getting Started Guide

Another Social Tables original, this quick video covers exactly what you need to do to bring your event idea to life. If you follow these well defined steps, you’ll be well on your way to pleasing clients and attendees alike. 

Main Takeaway: As you continue to improve your event planning skills, you’ll develop your own unique approach. For now, this expert-approved, step by step process should help you get all the answers you need in just under 2 minutes. 

5. 3 Steps to Creating an Event Value Proposition that Drives Attendance | Run of Show

Why should people attend your event? Knowing how to answer this question will help you make decisions about marketing, ticket sales or registrations, and maybe even your event plans themselves. 

Main Takeaway: This is a challenging subject. The good news is, the event marketing experts at Splash have broken down their strategy in a way that is easy to understand and duplicate. 

6. Event Planning Checklist: The Essential Guide

Every planner needs an event planning checklist to keep things organized and on track. It’s basically your secret weapon for planning and executing consistently impressive get togethers. We’ve gone ahead and outlined one in this video that you can tweak to suit your own specific needs. 

Main Takeaway: This video is a great addition to any professional event planner’s bag of tricks. Watch it to get a great foundation for your brand new event planning checklist or even revamp your existing one. 

Guide: How to Create an Event Planning Checklist

Then, watch videos for advanced event planning best practices

If you have more than 1-3 years worth of event planning experience, you’ll definitely be interested in these more in depth and technical event planning videos. 

7. Event Promotion: 6 Advanced Tactics To Promote Events with Social Media

Everyone has their own social media marketing strategy for events and this particular video outlines the ones that the Event Manager Blog has seen proven results from. 

Main Takeaway: These strategies can be applied to any event promotion strategy, so make sure you include all 6 in your next campaign. 

8. Pulse Follow-Up Strategy: 6 Steps to Driving Post-Event Engagement | Run of Show

Another helpful resource from Splash, this event planning video gets into the nitty gritty of getting in touch with past event attendees and maximizing event ROI even after it’s all over. 

Main Takeaway: Watch this video if you’ve ever wondered what KPIs you need to measure effective event follow up as well as when you should start strategizing your post-event communication (hint: it might be much sooner than you think)! 

9. A New Way to Measure Event ROI

The other videos on this list were a bit shorter than this 41 minute long one. But it’s a fantastic presentation that offers some great takeaways alongside powerpoint slides explaining a unique approach to comparing event performance, demonstrating value, and what the heck you’re supposed to do with your captured event data. 

Main Takeaway: You know why event ROI is important but that doesn’t make it any easier to make sense of it all. This event planning video should provide some clarity as well as new ideas for your own event strategy. 

Next, see the best videos for planning corporate events

Corporate events require event planners to understand the needs of a business focused audience while still delivering something fun or, at the very least, enjoyable. Here are some tips for planners in this niche: 

10. Top Meeting Room Layouts for Events

There are lots of ways to arrange meeting rooms. The goals of the meeting as well as the relationships the meeting attendees have with one another will largely determine your set up. 

Main Takeaway: These 5 most common (yet effective) meeting room layouts should help you facilitate teamwork, create opportunities for individual bonding, and much more.  

11. How To Sell Tickets FAST! [Event Planning Tips]

This video is brought to us by Savvy Social Events, an event planning company that is as practical as it is creative. Learning how to sell out tickets or registrations for every event you plan is important and this video covers how to do exactly that, even when you’re running out of time. 

Main Takeaway: Jazz (the video’s host) shares what she’s learned from her own personal experiences and her advice is filled with real examples. 

12. Office Holiday Party Ideas: 3 ways to spice things up

Office parties get a bad rap but Elevate Experiences wants to change that through event planning education and creative ideas to get you started. The key to a great office holiday party, according to this event planning video, is to think outside the box. 

Main Takeaway: How to choose the right event theme, select an interesting menu, and suggestions for group activities are just some of the things you’ll get from this great resource. 

Finally, get tips for planning private events with the best videos to watch

Need some help planning your next baby shower or wedding reception? These event planning videos should help get you started. 

13. Set up Your Event Like a Professional Party Planner

If you’re just starting out in event planning, this video will still be really helpful for you as this professional event planner shows you her event set up process for an actual client. Most private events won’t include event staff to help you, so knowing how to successfully set up an event is a skill you’ll need at some point. 

Main Takeaway: From production kits to client communication, this event planning video has you covered for all your event set up basics. 

14. How to plan a party regardless of budget

The design of this video alone makes it exciting to watch (especially if yellow is your favorite color). And, as you probably already know, working with private clients means dealing with a lot of different budget sizes so event planning videos like these can be really helpful when you want to throw an impressive event with less funding than you’d like. 

Main Takeaway: If you need a step by step walkthrough of what questions to ask your clients and how you can translate their answers into an event that is both fabulous and affordable, this video is for you. 

15. How to Make a Wedding Seating Chart: 5 Simple Steps

It’s a vital step in the reception planning process. And because it involves the people you or your client loves most, it can feel pretty stressful. This highly consumable video will take you through the process step by step in the least painful way possible. 

Main Takeaway: With the advice in this video, making a wedding seating chart will be a breeze. You may even discover a step or two that you’ve been missing this whole time! 

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