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7 Live Streaming Event Apps for Broadcasting Special Events

The dramatic growth of second screen technology and hybrid meetings has permeated nearly every meeting and event, and should be top of mind for all future programming. Without implementing a secure live stream for your next event, you’ll miss out on countless sets of eyes connecting with your meeting at hand. The live streaming event apps takeover is unavoidable, and it’s time you and your events take advantage of this new era. Find out how easy it is to stream live events using these tools below.

Here Are the 7 Live Streaming Event Apps that Rule Hospitality:

1.) Facebook Live

With (hopefully) your entire following sitting right there waiting, why not take full advantage of the simplest live streaming tool out there? Facebook Live has been the king of live streaming promotion across television and even print advertisements, and for good reason! Ease of use is out of this world. Responses and engagement are easily digestible. Guaranteed social audience at any event planners fingertips. The true no-brainer of our list.

2.) Periscope

The first, big-name pioneer into the world of live streaming event apps, Periscope is still a serious force to be reckoned with when promoting your live event. The tool that “lets you explore the world through the eyes of somebody else”, Periscope has become a household option when setting up a virtual event. Like Facebook Live, but without the social platform constraint, Periscope is the mobile choice for thousands of event planners every day.

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3.) Ustream

The Readers’ Choice Award winner in 2016, Ustream is making waves among the ever-growing live streaming tech crowd. Ustream provides a live interactive broadcast platform for any and all users. With over 2 million live video events streamed every single month, Ustream’s platform is home to a number of well-respected customers (NASA ring any bells?). If editing footage is your thing, you’ll be wowed by the post-event options offered.

4.) Livestream

Livestream is a live video-streaming platform, allows users to watch, like and share live events via a suite of hardware and software tools. This technology is unique in namely one of its offerings, which it calls “Mevo.” Along with your normal subscription to Livestream, you’ll receive your very own Mevo (a pocket-sized event camera that ensures you won’t miss a frame!). Livestream gives new users the comfort of dedicated 24/7 customer support and generates personalized tracking and analytics for events.

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5.) InterCall

Hailed for it’s secure communication solutions in the world of small business, InterCall is one of a handful of live streaming event apps that consistently provides users with quality conferencing options ” audio conferencing, web conferencing, and video conferencing. More than just premiere-level “conference calling” InterCall gives event planners with business-minded aspirations the ability to communicate live streaming effectiveness with teammates and colleagues alike. If an event planner needed anymore security in their decision-making, it’s also good to know that 85 of the “Fortune 100” companies choose InterCall over the competition.

6.) 6Connex

A hospitality professional’s best friends, 6Connex gives users software that is designed for virtual destinations that enables virtual trade shows, events, and career fairs. Looking to enable a virtual career fair? Get your team on the same page with a virtual kick-off meeting? Broadcast your corporate successes to your audience? 6Connex has you covered, and then some.

7.) ON24

When delivering your next stellar webinar to an audience, look no further than ON24. This service is the lone ranger out of our list of live streaming event apps that provides webcasting, virtual event services and solutions to meeting professionals who are looking to deliver hard-hitting results through a sturdy live streaming event app. Drive pipeline through creating a more engaging way to host a webinar. ON24 will be sure to provide your with the technology to do so, and the analytics to show how you’re doing every step of the way.

Now You’re Ready to Use Live Streaming Events Apps to Grow Your Event Audience!

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The time of live streaming event apps is officially leaving the station, with or without you. Ultimately, it is your call choosing which technology you go with…you just HAVE to choose one! Get that engagement going, it’s easier than you might think.

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