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Top 10 Questions for Your Videographer

Videographers are increasingly present at events, meetings and conferences as planners seek to capture the comprehensive visual story of their programs. In fact, one of the most common regrets cited by planners is the decision to not record a program.

Traditional footage is being replaced by more artistic methods of shooting, complete with a cinematographic feel including unique edits, cuts, and film. The purpose of this shift is to utilize these assets for use in future marketing. The more assets you can present up front, the higher your chances are of retaining your attendee’s and sponsor’s interest(and future business).

Hotel Marketing with Video

Here are the top 10 questions to ask your videographer when deciding whom to hire:

1. What is your film style? 

Does their method of shooting lend itself to a cinematic, documentary, classic, indie or retro feel?

2. What is your expertise and where does your experience lie? 

Does their expertise lie in events, meetings, conferences, etc.?

3. Have you ever shot at my venue? 

If the videographer has not, ask if they will do a site visit with you.

4. Can you tell me how you work with photographers before and during the event? 

Suggestion: consider looking into videographer-photographer teams. Booking these two separate but related vendors will ensure that they will work collaboratively on positioning, they’ll shoot and edit together for a more unified feel, and chances are you’ll receive a discounted price.

5. Will you be the professional onsite for the event? 

If not, make sure to speak with the videographer who will be there, and request examples of his/her work.

6. How do you ensure quality sound? 

Ask for their recommendations on the types of mics that will be used.

7. What types of videos do you offer? 

Comprehensive, highlight reel, instant replay, live streaming, trailer, are all examples of filming types. Discuss each of the options so that you choose what fits best with your event.

8. Do you incorporate any special effects? 

Again, discuss each of the options so that you choose what fits best with your event.

9. Will you provide your own lighting? 

If not, you may need to help coordinate with a lighting specialist.

10. Do you have examples of your work and a price list? 

Make sure you understand exactly what you get charged for so that you don’t get any unexpected surprises.

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