5 Co-Branding Tips to Include in Your Event Marketing Plan

5 Co-Branding Tips to Include in Your Event Marketing Plan

Two heads are better than one. As is the case with event marketing, sometimes it calls for teaming up for co-branding opportunities to amplify the word about your event. Here are five co-branding tips to remember when building your next event marketing plan. 

5 Co-Branding Tips to Include in Your Event Marketing Plan

Foster win-win collaborations with partners

Before planning an event, make a list of potential collaborations you could build. From sponsors to media partners and speakers to event suppliers, find a way in which you could promote their brands and provide value. Establish the win-win collaboration criteria with them, along with the channels through which you could market each other’s brands.

A barter or trade also sets both parties up for success. Offer your event’s space for them to promote their services or products, this way increasing their chances to find prospective clients. In exchange, ask them to talk to their existing audiences about your upcoming event. If any vendors or suppliers agree, be sure to thank them for their event marketing efforts after the event is over. 

Encourage your attendees to spread the word

Here’s an exercise to try before the event. Ask yourself how you can incentivize your guests to talk about your event before it happens. Are you willing to give them discount codes for posting an article about your event on their blog? Or maybe you can persuade them to share news about your event on their social media feeds by offering some VIP privileges (such as giving them direct access to the room of speakers or inviting them to a special networking cocktail hour). Find a way to inspire your future attendees to break the news about the upcoming event and let them be the ones to promote it.

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Showcase social proof

Were your previous events worth attending? If so, don’t hesitate to show the world. Co-branding for your future efforts can be based up on the previous year’s social proof.

On your event site, show off the ways previous attendees were successful in making new connections from your past events. Don’t just present photo reels from your previous events. Emphasize a few case studies where your guests were successful. Did they build meaningful contacts? Were they able to close important deals? These success stories are a valuable co-branding opportunity to confirm that people will gain more than just a fun experience by attending your event.

5 Co-Branding Secrets to Include in Your Event Marketing Plan

Produce valuable content

Make your event content prove your value. This event marketing plan is a long-term one, yet it can generate incredible (and lasting!) results. Whether you are planning a branded event or an event for your clients, you need to grow a community of followers first. And there’s no other better way to gather followers than offering them free and detailed tips on how to solve their most common, pressing issues. It is this community you’ve built around your content who will prove to be a valuable co-branding megaphone for your event.

You can do that by publishing extremely valuable content that targets a concrete problem and a well-defined target group. By doing so, you’ll grow a community around the content, which you intend to tackle during your future event, while also gaining access to their email addresses via subscriptions. After a period of positively nurturing the relationship with your followers, you may introduce calls to action in your texts or ultimate guides, inviting your readers to attend your upcoming event. You can encourage readers to event create content of their own to be posted to your site. After the event is over and the blog goes live, have them co-post the link on their social networks. 

Ask for the help of industry influencers

We all know about the downside of working with influencers. Paying an influencer to send a tweet or two about your event could get the word out about your event. But the operative word here is industry influencer.

If you find an event industry influencer who cares about the topic at hand, it could prove valuable for your event. With a social media post or two, your event attendance rate could increase significantly. So, how can you approach an influencer appropriately and convince him or her to market your event?

You must establish a relationship with the influencer months before the event. This way, you already have that personal connection by the time the event rolls around. Also, you should approach these people not asking for favors, but offer your help or try to add value to their professional life. For example, you can send them a message offering your company’s website to showcase their expertise. Or, why not organize a small event for them and their followers only? There are so many ways to add value for an event industry influencers. If you want their help in return, you need to start building those connections right away!

The secret to creating a successful event marketing plan is positively nurturing co-branding opportunities with your event stakeholders, from attendees to influencers. Build a powerful network of people who’ll be thrilled to talk about your event and convince their networks to attend.

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