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3 Keys to Clever Event Invitation & Meeting Request Emails

It’s real talk time. How many emails do you get in your inbox weekly? Hundreds? Thousands? If you’re like us, it might even be upwards of that, and not all of them get your complete devoted, undistracted attention.

So when you’re sending meeting requests and event email invitations, trying to get more attendees, you’re going to have to step outside the realm of You’re Invited! or Your Event Name is Coming Up! Here we dive into how to catch the eye of your subjects with a subject line that is sure to capture their undivided attention, get them interested, and eventually show up!

Here Are the Best Ways to Get Your Event Emails Noticed with Strong Subject Lines

1. Make your event invitation email subject lines brash or controversial.

Now, this type of approach depends on the audience you are trying to attract. Catering towards a younger, millennial demographic? Go for it! If you’re trying to get business professionals to a high-end networking event? Maybe skip over this suggestion.

Speaking in the way your core invitees speak every day is sure to get you noticed, as well as gain credibility. Brands that are somewhat controversial tend to get noticed more often, as well as showcase that they identify with their target audience. So perhaps try something like We Dare You to Come or It’s Cool, You Don’t Have to Come to our…

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2. Include a personalized appeal in your meeting request emails.

Depending on the event type and how many people you are trying to attend, sending a more personalized message never hurt anyone. Your audience has become pretty well-versed in the standard merge field messages that they know aren’t personalized, even though the email may contain their name. So if you’re able to individually invite people, make sure your subject lines speaks to them.

For instance, if you’re appealing to someone you met at a previous event, mention it. Try: From Event X to Event Y or To My Fellow Gin & Tonic Fan. As long as the subject line speaks to them, you’re much more likely to get a better response and a yes.

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3. Use emojis in your event invitation emails to increase open rate.

An image is worth 1,000 words, isn’t it?

Many large scale email software programs such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact now have the ability to make subject lines much cooler by integrating emojis. And with the variety that exists, there’s going to be one that pertains to your event. So give it a try!

Additionally, you can now turn your links into emojis using LinkMoji to spice things up a little bit. The images will definitely stand out in an inbox of words only. Pair it with a fun subject line and your open rates, and corresponding event attendance rates, are sure to go up.

Time to get clever and crafty.

Now you’re ready to create the best event emails!

Up next, discover 10 tips for effective email communication during the whole event planning process, or start creating your event guest list with Social Tables free event seating software.

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