Introducing Salesforce Integration with Social Tables

Connect any Salesforce account to any Social Tables account to integrate campaigns to track your seating and check-in data. Just import any campaign from Salesforce into Social Tables, and create a one-to-one relationship with any event. You can even export your event's data back into Salesforce after the event. As always, seat and check-in your guests as you please.

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How do Social Tables and Salesforce work together?

Save time with campaigns

Rather than manually adding guests to your guest list - pull them right from a Salesforce campaign. All guests added to Social Tables will be synced back to the Campaign you select, as a Campaign Member (Lead).

Streamline communication

Ensure everyone is in sync on the day of the event to improve the event experience. Using real-time collaboration, everyone on your team can see which guests have checked in and where they should be seated - even if you’re situated at different doors.

How else can you leverage Salesforce integration?

Stay in sync

Sync Salesforce campaigns directly with your Social Tables event diagrams

Manage seating

Manage guest seating, meals, and VIPs accurately and painlessly


Hospitality matters! Greet guests on-time for the best possible experience.

Follow up

Keep track of attendees after the event. Easily follow up and drive repeat attendance.


Collaborate with clients, staff, and properties in real-time with cloud-based software.

Drive revenue

Ensure your sales team is on top of their leads and show off event layouts venue in 3D.

Customer Story

Huge, complex events made simple with collaborative diagramming. Find out how the team at The Venetian | The Palazzo efficiently hosted 2,000 events with Social Tables Diagram.

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