Event Design

Tech Thursday: 30 Gorgeous Event Lighting Ideas

The most common types of special event lighting include Lekos, PAR, LEDs, and Gobos. But whether or not you’ve worked with them at other events before, there are lots of other special event lighting design ideas you can use to spice things up. Here are some tips you can use at virtually any event you…

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Friday Finds: 5 Must-Know Party & Event Color Secrets for Planners

Whether you’re designing an anniversary party color scheme, fine-tuning sophisticated wedding color combinations, or searching for hues to make your events pop, you probably often go by instinct. Some color choices ‘feel’ right for a particular event, while others ‘feel’ wrong.  While your intuition is a valuable starting point, there are other important things to…

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Monday Motivation: How to Design an Incredible Event Calendar

Blanking on how to make your event calendar better than ever? Here are some tips and tricks on things like how to make any event seasonally appropriate, ways to fill in calendar gaps, and the absolute best tools for designing an incredible event calendar.  Your Corporate Event Template: What Events To Throw & When Here’s…

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Wednesday Wisdom: How to Design an Unforgettable Event Concept

Create an event concept that attendees will talk about for months afterwards through a combination of strategy and creativity. In this article we’ll get into how to do exactly that along with plenty of inspiring examples and ideas.  But First, What Is Event Design?  Event design is the appearance and feel of an event. Things…

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Meeting Room Layout

25 Meeting Room Layouts for Events: Tips & Examples

Choosing an event layout can be challenging because it’s such a key part of ensuring your event achieves its objectives. The good news is we’ve narrowed down some the best and most popular meeting room layouts to help you get started. Set the mood and keep things organized with any one of these meeting room…

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golf event planning guide

7 Wellness Events That Make for Happy & Healthy Attendees

Whether you’re throwing a smaller event or a multi-thousand person conference, having fulfilled and happy attendees is key to knocking it out of the park. Which is why many planners are turning to wellness events and stations! Here are seven that can give your event the extra boost it needs to stand out and bring…

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