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Monday Motivation: How to Design an Incredible Event Calendar

Blanking on how to make your event calendar better than ever? Here are some tips and tricks on things like how to make any event seasonally appropriate, ways to fill in calendar gaps, and the absolute best tools for designing an incredible event calendar.  Your Corporate Event Template: What Events To Throw & When Here’s…

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Wednesday Wisdom: How to Design an Unforgettable Event Concept

Create an event concept that attendees will talk about for months afterwards through a combination of strategy and creativity. In this article we’ll get into how to do exactly that along with plenty of inspiring examples and ideas.  But First, What Is Event Design?  Event design is the appearance and feel of an event. Things…

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Monday Motivation: Awesome B2B Event Marketing Ideas

Want to create marketing for your B2B event that people will actually love? Here’s how to make higher quality content, implement better marketing strategy, and achieve your event registration goals.  Why Many B2B Event Marketing Ideas Fail  Despite best intentions and research, not every marketing idea (B2B, event, or otherwise) is going to hit it…

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Monday Motivation: Event Planning Portfolio Basics

Experts agree that building an event planning portfolio is probably the most important thing you’ll do as an events professional in terms of marketing yourself to your target audience. A digital event portfolio basically shows the world who you are, what you do, and how talented you really are.  Creating one – especially if it’s…

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Friday Finds: 15 Must-Watch Event Planning Videos

Looking for event inspiration and education fast? We’ve pulled together some top videos for event planners, so you don’t have to spend hours searching. Each video on this list was selected because of its high-quality content, subject relevance, cool design or format, and unique perspective on the topic. Discover 15 top event planning videos to…

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Wednesday Wisdom: Ethical Issues in Event Planning

If you’ve ever scoped out a Code of Ethics for professional event planners, you already know that there are a lot of issues worth keeping in mind no matter how much experience you have. But what you might not know is exactly what kind of gray area scenarios you can find yourself or your staff…

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golf event planning guide

Tips Tuesday: The Winning Golf Event Planning Guide

Over 33.1 million American viewers tuned in to watch professional golf last year, proving that this is still one of the most sought after event types in the country. Whether you’re planning a tournament or a charity drive, all golfing events require a timeline and checklist to make sure they run smoothly.  How Do You…

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