30 Social Media Tips That Actually Drive Engagement at Events

Social networks have made it possible to reach attendees across the globe. And we’re not just talking about marketing, social networks are about engaging attendees before, during and after the event. Attendees that could end up at your next event are hanging out on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat right now. So how can you join the conversation?

The most important thing to recognize is that every social network serves a different purpose. Twitter is about reactions and conversations. Facebook is all about awareness. LinkedIn is education and professional development, and so on.

We enlisted our crackerjack social media team to help us understand how planners can focus their efforts on each social network to drive awareness for their events.

1. Maximize Facebook and Facebook Live Video Streaming

2. LinkedIn’s Professional Publishing Platform

3. Twitter: Hitting Event Attendance Goals in 140 Characters or Less

4. Picture This: Telling the Story of Your Event with Instagram

5. Creating FOMO With Snapchat: All the Cool Kids are Doing It

6. YouTube: The Biggest Opportunity to Engage 

Click here to download the guide and started with live streaming on Facebook and Twitter, how to target users with the best ads on LinkedIn, and how to share an enviable event experience on Instagram and Snapchat.

30 Social Media Tips to Drive Engagement