5 Ways to Master Instagram for Event Promotion

Instagram is to photos what YouTube is to videos. Instagram is the place for sharing your latest selfie or whatever random pic you feel like uploading for the world to see.

This social network also has enormous potential for event promotion.

As of 2019, Instagram has an estimated 1 billion active users per month around the globe. With such large numbers, it only makes sense to leverage the site for getting the word out about your event.

Here’s a few tips to help you get started.

5 Tips on Instagram for Event Promotion:

1.) Tease the Perfect Location

Show people a sneak peek of the venue. Let them see what the interior and exterior looks like, so they have an inkling of the type of atmosphere to expect. Want to know how to find the perfect venue? Why not leave it up to an audience vote?

Upload photos of each potential venue on Instagram and let followers decide which one would make the best location. The event, after all, is for them, so why not let them have a voice over where it should be held?

If you have a set venue in mind, try teasing small, up-close photos of significant decor or features of the venue in a series of daily Instagram posts leading up to the day you announce the venue. This helps build excitement and post engagement as you ask people to comment with their guesses!

Finally, remember that you can also upload brief videos, boomerangs, and Instagram Stories. If you get the chance to walk through the facility, then film the place while you’re touring the area. Don’t forget to add a brief description of each venue you host events in, making a note of any highlights worth mentioning, such as a comment on the architecture or outdoor area.

How to choose the perfect venue

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 2.) Use Luster (formerly known as Instaprint)

Luster is a wall-mounted photo booth that’s available for rent. When users upload a photo on Instagram using your event hashtag, Luster prints a physical copy of the photo, which the user can keep as a souvenir.

The vodka company, Grey Goose, is one company that used Luster with great success. During a launch party in 2013, the company used the event hashtag #CherryNoir to promote its latest flavor. By event’s end, a total of 365 photos were taken, and Grey Goose acquired over 131,000 social impressions for the hashtag.

Even in the digital age, people still appreciate physical photocopies, which means they’ll appreciate having a tangible photo as a keepsake. Guests walk away with a physical memento while you get a much-valuable social impression to make your hashtag a top trend.

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3.) Host an Instagram Contest

Social media contests are always a great way to drum up hype and create consumer engagement through friendly competition. Instagram contests are fairly simple.

Here’s an idea: have participants post selfies while holding up the event ticket, which should have your company’s logo. Be sure they also include the event hashtag.

From there, select a winner at random and award that participant a prize, such as a free upgrade to a VIP pass. This is more publicity for you as your event and company will be seen by your participants’ followers.

Here’s a full in-depth guide for hosting an Instagram contest and acquiring as many participants as possible. By promoting the contest, you are also subsequently promoting your company and event, so try to squeeze in at least one social media contest for every event.

4.) Timing is Everything

When you post is just as important as what you post. You have to be strategic about the timing. According to the latest algorithms, the best time to post on Instagram is between 2 PM and 3 PM CDT.

This seems to make sense given that most people are getting off work and want to browse for updated photos as they unwind after clocking out. You might also try posting during lunchtime on the weekdays (because checking social media during lunch is a common way to spend a few minutes waiting for your Postmate!)

With this in mind, try to have at least two or three event-related photos to post during the listed times.

5.) Post Often During the Event

Inevitably, there will be followers that just won’t be able to attend. Don’t leave these people out. Use Instagram Live to provide an update of what’s going on. People often do this using Twitter, but images and live video tell so much more than a limited-character tweet.

Plus, your Instagram followers will get post notifications when you go live if they’re on the app, which is a great way to instantly generate some viewers on your live feed.

Don’t just upload a random clutter of meaningless images. Make each post or live video count. Good event content might include:

  • The speaker making his way onto the stage or their opening remarks
  • Group photos of guests
  • A close-up boomerang of the social media wall
  • The registration line when the line is at its peak
  • A workshop in session
  • A trade show exhibit booth with polls asking for votes on what you will share live that day from the event

Be sure to add a short description to explain what’s going on in each photo if you’re posting to the .

Social media promotion is absolutely necessary for maximum event engagement. With Instagram, you have a whole other way of telling your story and making your event known to the masses.

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