5 Ways LinkedIn Marketing Boosts Event Promotion

LinkedIn marketing, for some reason, always gets overlooked when it comes to social media for event promotion. People tend to think that this social network is only for reaching out to employers or prospect employees. This is far from the case.

LinkedIn has many tools in its bag that can be leveraged for your next event.

1. Use Your Company Profile to Push the Event

You do have a LinkedIn page for your company, right? If not, create one right now because it will be super important for your event and company moving forward. About 6-8 weeks out from the event, update your company page so that it includes various announcements and updates about the event.

When updates are made, news of the changes appear on your subscribers’ newsfeed. It goes without saying that the more followers you have the more you’ll benefit here.

When doing a status update for your page, the key to this form of LinkedIn marketing is to include an image. If all you include is text, it will not stand out very well especially if followers have dozens of other stuff in their newsfeed.

2. LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads are not unlike Facebook Ads. The ads will appear to those whose profile information matches with that of your main demographic. Aside from LinkedIn Ads, there is also Linked Sponsored Updates.

One study shows that the latter has a 15.1% conversion rate, compared to just 1.7% for Ads.

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates are more effective because the ad appears directly in the user’s newsfeed, as opposed to LinkedIn Ads that appear on the right-hand column and can easily be glossed over.

Regardless of which you use, though, here are a few tips to adhere to:

  • Avoid stock images, since competing ads are full of them. The image should also be specific rather than a generic image. An example of a generic but common image includes an attractive person smiling.
  • Text needs to be catchy and be in the form of a call-to-action (ex: Website not Converting? Attend the South Bay Digital Marketing Expo to make your website into a visitor conversion machine.)
  • Target your demographic by milking the filtering system. A broad demographic amidst LinkedIn marketing often results in higher clicks that don’t convert.
  • Split-test your campaign. You should have at least three different ads per campaign. Metrics will determine which ones are doing well and which ones are underperforming.

Use LinkedIn Groups

Join multiple groups in the area of your industry. Groups are goldmines for finding a target audience. Here’s the thing, though; you can’t just join a group and begin peddling your event right off the bat. It will immediately become clear to members what your motives are, and you’ll likely be shunned by the group. It’s also – for the lack of a better term – very snake oil salesman-ish.

Here’s how you do it: you join the groups and become an actual contributing member. This means contributing to relevant discussions and lending your expertise where necessary. After doing this for several weeks, you’ll be “one of the boys.” Once you reach this status, then you have earned the right to throw out a promotional sales pitch every now and then.

4. Personal Status Updates

Just as you should update your company page, you should do the same for your personal profile. Be sure your updates on your personal profile isn’t a rehash of updates from your company page. You should also encourage the entire staff to follow suit. When an update is made, followers are informed via email.

If you and the rest of your crew do this, then that is a whole lot of people that is contacted especially if a few members have a large following base. Remember, your update is limited to 140 characters, so make every letter count. It also needs to be in the form of a call-to-action.

5. Use LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

Become a publisher on LinkedIn. So what should you blog about? For starters, don’t duplicate the same material that already exists on your company blog. Keep the content fresh and non-promotional.

As with publishing on any other blog, you want to achieve maximum readership. This means sticking to the bare basics of writing, such as having a catchy title and opening paragraph. These two parts determine whether readers read the post in its entirety or just give it a quick scan.

During your LinkedIn marketing, it’s important that it’s the former because the final paragraph is where you quickly mention your event along with a link to the event page.

As far as the topic goes, as long as the post provides useful content, then anything is acceptable. Viable posts include:

  • How-to articles
  • Advice you would give to a beginner entering your field
  • “behind-the-scenes” work that consumers often don’t see
  • Latest changes and trends in the industry
  • The biggest problems that your industry addresses or should be addressing

LinkedIn Is Underutilized

You should just be as active on LinkedIn as you are on Facebook and Twitter. This is a social network that has enormous implications if its tools are leveraged. Discover these tools for yourself and reap the promotional benefits of LinkedIn marketing.

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