Creating an Event Experience with Candles

Event Design Ideas: 6 Ways to Incorporate Candles at Your Next Event

Trends may come and go but one thing is for sure- your attendees will always appreciate a unique event. With that in mind, today’s gatherings are going above and beyond by taking these common elements and spinning them in creative ways for a truly one-of-a-kind event.

Candles are a must-have at most events, and their versatility allows them to be incorporated in unique ways to avoid a case of the “same old, same old’s.” So how you can breathe life such an event staple?

1. Creating Spaces

Between seating areas, buffets, mingling spaces and dance floors, an event is often made up of various spaces with different purposes for each. In many cases, the venue may have an open-concept area that does not naturally break these spaces up. Enter candles – which are perfect for defining the different areas of an event. Use lines of pillar candles to guide guests in the right direction or to separate different areas from one another. For high-traffic areas, we recommend using LED candles for this purpose to avoid any risk of fire – especially with larger groups or if there will be little ones at the event.

2. Look Upwards

These days, people are looking to design floral arrangements and lighting fixtures upwards to take advantage of vertical space. One great way to take advantage of vertical space is to hang lanterns or vases with candles inside. Again, LED candles may make the most sense for hanging lights, as they remain out of sight. Battery-operated lights can have the same flickering effect as a traditional wax candle leaving guests none the wiser.

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3. Mix and Match

When it comes to tablescapes, a mix-and-match theme can be an elegant choice. Rather than sticking to one type of candle, use pillars, tapers and votive candles for a one-of-a-kind look. This will create an all-around glow that will be perfect for fostering conversation throughout the event.

4. Faux Fireplace

There are few things more welcoming than a roaring fireplace, but that is not always the most doable (or the safest) option for an event. Save the firewood for the home fireplace and, instead, opt for a candle-filled fireplace at the event space. Use candles of varying heights for a beautiful and dynamic look that will mimic the feel of a fireplace, but still maintain the warm and cozy vibe that is ever-present at today’s events.

5. Lounge-worthy Décor

Lounges are a long-time staple in the events industry, with plush couches, vintage side tables and rugs providing a space for guests to relax and mingle with one another throughout the event. Candles are a great addition to any lounge space, as the soft lighting is perfect for cultivating conversation and making people feel comfortable.

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6. Unexpected Containers

While hurricane containers and votive holders will certainly never go out of fashion, think outside the box for containers and consider alternative vessels for holding candles. Wine bottles, vintage candelabras and cake stands are all great choices. Wax luminaries are another solid option, as they come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for creating a formal, streamlined look.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using candles in unique ways for an event. Before setting any event design plans in stone, check in with the venue to confirm their open flame policies as to ensure that everything is within the regulations. From there, all it takes is a bit of creativity and lots of candles to create an ideal event.

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