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25 Budget-Friendly & Beautiful Event Centerpiece Ideas

Whether you’re rocking the corporate AmEx or pinching pennies in your own personal account, there are lots of stylish wedding and event centerpiece ideas to choose from. You will find that a little creativity goes a long way when it comes to event decor. Which is why we encourage you to use these ideas as a jumping off point – feel free to customize or reinvent each vision in any way you choose! So pick your favorite table centerpiece idea and move onto the next step in your wedding planning checklist.

Explore Unique and Inexpensive Wedding Table Centerpiece Ideas

1. Fish bowls filled with bouquets

With or without water, a variety of fish bowls added to your tablescape adds a touch of fun and the unexpected to an event. Fill them with clear fish tank rocks, flowers, candles, and so much more. Stack fishbowls of varying sizes if you’re looking to add that wow factor to your display.

2. Greenery and candles

Clear glass hurricanes, white pillar candles in varying sizes, and some faux foliage is affordable and adds a touch of class to any affair. Because this centerpiece idea is composed of neutral colors, it will go with most design styles. Add some log slices as candle pedestals for a rustic take on this classic centerpiece.

3. Table-sized trellis

Technically this centerpiece won’t be at the center of your table. But this dramatic choice will make a bold statement and allow your guests to talk to one another without having to bob and weave around your display. Choose a trellis that stands an either side of your rectangular table (you’ll need your table measurements handy to get it right). Hang lights, candles, and an overabundance of florals on this structure for a magical feel.

4. Stemless wine glass and flower heads

Simple and charming, these fantastically easy to make DIY displays require three things: a stemless wine glass, some water, and a single flower of any kind. If you’re in a hurry and need a small centerpiece fast, try these delicate displays on for size.

5. Upside-down wine glasses

If your wedding or event is hosted at a vineyard, this centerpiece idea might be the perfect fit. Turn any size or shape wine glass upside down over the head of a flower (we recommend gerber daisies for their color varieties and full shape). Add a tealight candle on top for evening events and you’re all set!

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6. Metal air plant terrarium prisms

Whether you want to display actual air plants, mini bouquets, or a smattering of faux succulent heads, these prisms add a little whimsy and style to weddings and corporate events alike. You can even offer them as take home gifts to your guests after the festivities are over! They typically come on gold, silver, black, and rose gold colors.

7. Mason jar tealight holders

Real or fake, tealights look heavenly when held inside the textured glass of Mason or canning jars. Whether you keep it simple with just a candle and a jar or you add flowers, streamers, or table runners into the mix, this timelessly classic centerpiece will always be a hit.  

8. Molded doilies

This is an especially fun project for you DIYers out there. To mold your doilies, simply shape them around a balloon with a glue mixture. Once dry, gently pop the balloon to reveal your creation. Because of their size, they make great electronic tealight holders.

9. Box lanterns

Remove the glass or purchase some without it. Top them with flower bouquets, add some candles inside, and you’ve got yourself an elegant addition to any event decor scheme. You can also surround the lantern with a wreath and some pine cones for the holiday season. And if you’re looking for lighting elements that are both safe and affordable, fill the lantern with a string of battery powered lights.

10. Glitter vases

Another DIY favorite, a little Hodge Podge and loose glitter is all you need to turn everyday clear vases into sparkling centerpieces. Add elements you’d normally put in a vase (like flowers, candles, etc.) or opt for more interesting options like party favors and christmas tree decorations.

11. Overflowing boxes

You can choose any rectangular or square receptacle that goes with your theme. Fill it with candles, flowers, strings of beads, or basically any other centerpiece idea from this list to keep your decor all in one piece. The variety is endless; you can pick up everything from birch wood boxes that are country chic to brushed metal containers that add an industrial touch.

12. Floral embroidery hoop rings

Affordable and highly versatile, the same embroidery hoop rings you can find at your local discount store can be painted to look like elegant centerpieces. Add a bundle of flowers on top or at the base. And use some invisible fishing string to hang things from the middle, like tealight holders or table numbers.

13. Submersed cherry-blossom stems

Tall and skinny see through vases filled with blooming cherry blossom stems and water add a new twist on the other floral arrangement centerpiece ideas we’ve seen. The pink blooms float lazily in the water at your tables center, both enchanting and delightfully fragrant. Add a floating candle on top to finish it off.

14. Palm fronds

If you’re hosting an event in LA or Hawaii, consider sourcing some palm fronds for your special occasion centerpieces. They’re quite dramatic and add significant height to any tablescape. You can also try some Monstera (aka Swiss Cheese Plant) stems for a more understated yet hip look.

15. Geometric candle holders

Display your wedding or event decor across rectangular tables with these geometric centerpieces along the way. It adds height to the display and can be combined with almost any other decor element on this list.

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16. Tiered candles and table signage

Available in all design styles, tiered candles can be made up of three or more candles sizes, shapes, and heights. Vary them to add some interest to your display. And choose elevated signage that has numbers written in cursive to help your guests find their tables.

17. Bowls of fruit

If you’re looking to add a playful, fragrant, and practical touch to your wedding or event centerpieces, why not try some fruit? Clementines, oranges, and other citrus fruits work best. Add some succulent heads and rosemary sprigs to complete the look. Or, for a more festive touch, try dotting oranges with cloves and wrap them with a fat, red ribbon for a deliciously scented holiday party centerpiece.

18. White out

White candles, containers, flowers, and glasses add a modern yet classic looking take regular old centerpiece displays. And it doesn’t have to be white – any color will do. Just remember to consider your wedding or event venue colors before you make your final selection.

19. Log slices

They serve as a great foundation for almost any other centerpiece. Large or small, dark wood or light wood, you can find this affordable natural element at most craft and home improvement stores. And, if you ask nicely, they might even cut the wood up in your desired thickness if the store offers that service.

20. Whiskey bottles

An empty Jack Daniels with a melted candle stick on top with wax dripping down makes for one truly unforgettable centerpiece. You can also use it as a vase for flowers or fill it with string lights! Any whiskey lover would be delighted to have these centerpieces at their wedding, but really any alcohol bottle will do.

21. Cheesecloth table runners

Dark grey or natural in color, a cheesecloth table runner that drips from the table to the floor adds drama without stealing the show. Pair it with some foliage that also spills over the side and some pillar candles (because you can always use a good pillar candle).

22. Balloons

Although they’re typically associated with decor for kid’s parties, balloons can be quite adult and elegant if you choose the right ones. We recommend using clear balloons and, if you get them professionally made, adding some glitter or confetti to the inside of them. You can even hang paper tags from their strings with table numbers, names, or logos.

23. Amethyst clusters

Whether you love these colorful quartz stones for their looks or their metaphysical properties, amethyst clusters add a little edge to your everyday centerpiece fixture. They can get pricey so be sure to add other features like vases, greenery, and candles to fill out your display. If your color scheme doesn’t work well with purple, try smoky quartz for a moody look or desert rose rocks for texture.

24. Candelabras

Candles are obviously a great for centerpiece displays and can be used for any occasion. Which is why it only makes sense that you should consider a candelabra for your next affair centerpiece. Wrap the stem with greenery, add some flowers, or hang strings of pearls and gemstones to the display. These centerpieces go especially well with events held in mansions or historic buildings given their old world feel.

25. Gold platters

These thin, gold displays create smooth lines and a platform for combining a variety of centerpiece elements. If you have more than one idea for your centerpiece, your gold platter can bring them all together, making the whole look more uniform and contained.

Simple centerpieces and table decorations can make your event!

No matter what wedding and event centerpiece idea you choose, be sure to stay within your budget and use your event design style to narrow down your options. Regardless of the theme, you can create centerpieces from almost any combination of flowers and candles. Or, for more interesting displays, try adding height, texture, or surprising features to your centerpiece.

Choosing a centerpiece is just one of the many decisions you’ll have to make during the event planning process, so be sure to refer back to this list whenever you need a little extra help deciding what to do!

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