7 Fall Decor Trends to Borrow for Your Upcoming Events

7 Fall Decor Trends to Borrow for Your Upcoming Events

The leaves are turning and there’s a distinct chill in the air. That means fall is finally here and along with it fall decor trends.

Get inspired by this year’s best fall decor trends and add some autumnal elements into your event planning. From rich color palettes to nature inspired touches, borrow the following trends to warm up your decor and give a festive feel to your event.

1. Dark Jewel Tones

Who doesn’t love the feel of an old library with wood paneling and dark green walls? Or the classic look of a sun-streaked burgundy sofa? Incorporate rich jewel tones to give your event a feeling of instant sophistication.

For an even more luxe look, use gold or bronze accents. They will shine with these already bold colors for an elegant event with miles of character and hue.

7 Fall Decor Trends to Borrow for Your Upcoming Events

2. Neutrals

Need a lighter, airier feel to your event? White on white is out and stark contrasts don’t imbue a fall feeling. However, a pleasant mix of toned neutrals will do just fine. Use light browns, blues, and pinks to give a welcoming and homey feel to your event. For the right look choose muted tones that aren’t pastel; spring will be here soon enough.

3. Velvet

For many of us velvet immediately brings images of bad taste. But just because a material has been used poorly in the past, doesn’t mean it’s future can’t be bright. Think of tactile accents that can add plush drama to your décor. Try a dark table runner or embossed invites. Use the gentle, but rich feeling of velvet to up the ante of your accents.

4. Organic Geometry

Think geometric wallpaper partnered with a traditional lion-claw sofa or a natural landscape above a post-modern couch. Learn how to juxtapose a contemporary look with a natural touch to give your event a casual, but modern feel. Antlers and brass accents have been a go-to for several years, but are they just the beginning. Get creative and combine these aesthetics in a way that is perfectly tailored to your event.

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5. Dried Fall Foliage & Gourds

When thinking about arrangements, forget the fresh flowers. Bring in the outside in and incorporate dried foliage and leaves into your décor. From cattails to tall grasses, these additions are an economical and stylish way to add a fall flourish to your event. Go a step further and add pumpkins or gourds for a traditional and timeless fall look.

6. Extending the Season

Who doesn’t love a cold night with a warm fire? Outdoor fireplaces are “in” as a welcome extension to stylish homes in the fall and adding these to an event can be a real game changer. Always a crowd pleaser, fires inevitably become the place-to-be at any gathering. For high-end to-dos propane fireplaces and heaters are a must for a smoke-free ambiance. For more casual events, a wood-burning pit will only add to the atmosphere.

7. Nooks

This year it’s all about finding a little space perfect for you. Reading nooks, art alcoves, and big bay windows are all making a comeback. Bring this idea into your event by having special spaces for guests to discover and enjoy. Encourage mingling by creating smaller gathering places or create informational points of interest that will draw a crowd. Use these smaller spaces to create an intimate atmosphere that encourages mixing and adds intrigue to your event.

Whether you decide to use a jewel-toned velvet or just light a fire, including fall touches in your décor is a must in the next few months. Borrow these elements to help bring warmth and joy to your event. And when you’re getting ready for another season, check out our winter themed events ideas, and our spring themed event ideas.

Which fall decor trends will make their way into your upcoming events? Let us know in the comments or give us a shout on Twitter!

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