Spring event themes

25 Creative Spring Themes for Parties & Events

Delight friends, colleagues, and customers with impressive spring themes for parties and events. Featuring real examples from innovative brands, foundations, and celebrities, these inspiring ideas for spring theme ideas and event names will help you kick off your own event planning in style.

spring party themes

Here’s how to pick the perfect spring event name

What’s in a name? A lot, actually. Whether it’s a corporate seminar or a hashtag-worthy 30th birthday, it’s important that you choose a great name for your spring event.

The name you choose can give a practical description of what attendees should expect. And it can also become a memorable phrase, adding excitement and buzz to an already highly anticipated event.

Get started with three simple tips for creating fresh spring event names.

1. Ensure the event name is original.

If you’ve selected a hashtag for your bridal shower, do a quick search on Instagram to see what else – if anything – comes up. The bride-to-be might not love seeing inappropriate photos of strangers showing up next to pictures of her mom.

Corporate event planners should also keep this tip in mind. A unique event name helps prospects find and remember your upcoming event. It also helps your event registration page rank higher in organic search results, which boosts ticket sales.

Because your event has a seasonal theme, adding the word spring to the name can also help it stand out from other similar functions.

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2. Include practical details but don’t be afraid to get a little creative.

Corporate events should include the name of the host business and provide a clue for what guests can expect if they attend. For example, if you’re hosting a spring-themed Bingo night for charity, you can include the event type and the name of the charity in your marketing.

Private events typically host a smaller group of people than most corporate ones. It’s also assumed that guests of private events are all connected by a shared person or common interest.

Lean into whatever that is when you choose to name your party. Using an inside joke or piece of inside information that only guests would know about makes the event feel even more special for those in the know.

If it’s a well-known fact that your guest of honor is turning 50 for the 10th year in a row, you can have a little fun by putting their name and is turning 50¦ again in the Facebook event title. As long as the birthday person laughs along, you’re good to go!

3. Keep your event name short because it makes it easier for attendees to talk about the event and share it on social media.

Initials, abbreviations, and snappy phrases are easy to remember. They’re also great for saving money on signage, print ads, and other hard copy marketing materials.

SXSW is a great example of this. The spring event held annually in Austin, Texas is a premiere film, music, and technology festival. The full event name is South by Southwest but the abbreviation makes it easy to search, hashtag, and reference to people who have never even been there themselves.

With these points in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of the best real examples of spring theme ideas for parties and events.

Get inspired with 10 spring themed ideas for events and parties you’ll love

1. Brookfield Zoo’s Wild, Wild, Whirl

Spring is the perfect time to start enjoying outdoor activities again. Which is why the Brookfield Zoo’s animal-inspired gala event planning efforts were a great way for attendees to kick off the season.

This black-tie fundraiser arranged for guests to enjoy the company of Warren, the flamingo, and Trout, the penguin, up-close and personal in a welcoming reception area. Attendees also had a chance to see a variety of other wild animals (tucked safely in their cages).

Later on, the Brookfield Zoo treated guests to a formal dinner surrounded by a lavish display of spring flowers.

Even if your event isn’t being hosted around amazing wildlife, you can still throw your own zoo-themed spring party this season. For children’s parties, hosts can include activities such as tiger and zebra face painting.

If you’re hosting an exotic animal-themed event for adults, you could use palm fronds for centerpieces or other jungle-inspired decor. You can also create a menu based on the diet of your favorite animal. Try banana pudding cheesecake for the primate lovers or a calamari appetizer for those who’d prefer to chow down like our new buddy Trout.

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2. Baby Shower Inc.’s Bunny-Themed Event

New York City-based Baby Shower, Inc. recently put together a spring-themed event for one lucky corporate employee. Their bunny-themed baby shower used a palette of feminine corals and turquoise to create a warm, springtime feel.

To brighten up the office space, the event planning team used patterned tablecloths, fresh flowers, and colorful treats. There were bunny-shaped sugar cookies and decorations tastefully displayed throughout the event.

If you’re looking into spring event theme ideas and think bunnies might be your top pick, there are lots of ways to make your party both mature and whimsical. In this example, Baby Shower Inc. chose to use bunny details sparingly and in surprising places (like when they stamped bunnies onto the take-home treat bags).

So the experience of searching for and finding a bunny felt similar to searching for Easter eggs, a great tie-in to their spring party theme.

3. Children’s Museum of Houston’s Spring Golf Fundraiser

Springtime is perfect for leaving the office early and getting back on the green with a golf-themed event. The Children’s Museum of Houston used this tried-and-true event type to raise just under $100,000 in funding in a single day.

Hosting a golf fundraiser, like this one, requires organizing sponsors, vendors, and participants. But if the charity you’re raising money for is important to golf course owners, you may even get use of the lawns for free.

You can also boost your fundraising efforts by hosting a VIP luncheon after the rounds are over or by selling water and snacks along the course.

4. Chicago West’s Alice in Wonderland 1st Birthday Party

What list of spring themes for parties would be complete without mentioning an adorable kids birthday affair? Alice in Wonderland is a great theme for springtime birthday parties. The famous rose garden presents ample opportunity for throwing a garden party of your own.

In this example, Chicago West got to celebrate in style for her first birthday. Parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West went all out with their theme, choosing an outdoor venue that looked straight out of Wonderland. Even if you’re not equipped with a Kardashian budget, you can still throw an Alice in Wonderland party of your own in a local rose garden.

Or you, if you host it in your backyard, you can use paper roses for decor, offer sugar cookies that say Eat Me, and hire an official party entertainer to show up as the White Rabbit himself.

5. The Luminato Festival’s Opening Night Party

Toronto’s biggest international arts festival kicked off their opening night, titled Nature Versus Nurture, with delightful spring themes. The most notable of which was their spring craft station where guests could make and take home their very own pressed flowers.

Hundreds of mini presses in neat rows greeted guests as they enjoyed selecting, making, and sharing their framed creations.

It’s easy to incorporate spring-themed activities such as this one into your event. But as you may already know there are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to planning them. Consider using a free event planning software to visually diagram your space layout to ensure every activity has the right setup.

Having a digital version of your plans also makes it easy to share and collaborate with vendors, DJs, and catering.

spring themes for parties

6. The City of Mural Arts Program’s Wall Ball

Besides the Easter Bunny and blooming flowers, nothing says spring more than a trip to your local farmer’s market. At the City of Mural Arts Program’s Wall Ball, guests had the market delivered to them. In celebration of the season, the event featured an impressive living salad mural.

More than 700 guests had the opportunity to make their own salad by ordering from the mural. They watched as chefs snipped the leaves directly off the wall itself and enjoyed a fresh meal on the spot.

Even if you don’t have the opportunity to create a living wall of your own, adding farm fresh elements to your spring party theme is a great idea. Use farmer’s market flowers and fruit to garnish cocktails. Or have guests make their own ice cream sundaes with farm-to-table honey, seasonal berries, and herbs.

7. Friends of the High Line Spring Benefit

The Friends of the High Line’s Spring Benefit took picnicking to a whole new level, both figuratively and literally. Guests of the event were entertained by performances on raised stages where actors were picnicking, reading, and tanning.

The main performance-art mini park was located in the center of the event floor but there were other, smaller spaces throughout where actors could lounge or interact with attendees.

You don’t have to hire actors for your event. But you can host your own relaxed picnic-themed event. Even if you’re outdoors, paper lanterns (like the ones used in the photo above) add a festive element to any celebration.

Or you can add picnic elements to unexpected places, like a swath of fake grass with blankets laid out at a cocktail party and libations displayed in picnic baskets with checkered clothes at a black-tie affair.

8. Butterfly Bridal Shower

Although the event in this example took place in the summer, butterflies are a lovely spring theme for parties too. This theme is even more appropriate since there are more butterflies born between March and April than any other time of year.

For this private party, event planners created a stunning butterfly photo arch for guests to float in under as they made their entrances. They also used fresh flowers that appeal to butterflies the most as table centerpieces along with some gorgeous cake detailing.

9. UC Davis’s Annual Picnic Day

UC Davis is known for its open house picnics, and each year they choose a new theme. The free event is family-friendly and centered around UC Davis’ long-standing tradition of celebrating diversity and achievement within their community.

In addition to the picnicking itself, attendees get to watch parades, live performances, and presentations on the variety of ways UC Davis provides for its students through dedication to service.

This a great example of how a day in the park can be used to promote a brand. In addition to the other activities listed, the Picnic Day also highlights opportunities for attendees to get involved in charity and volunteer work.

Making a great first impression is important for universities hoping to bring in new students so showing rather than telling their guests what their school values goes a long way towards assuring the event as a big success.

10. Buzzworthy Bee-Themed Brunch

Although we’ve already mentioned another delightful insect themed party, this one is also the bee’s knees (sorry, we had to). This simple yet elegant private brunch held in the host’s own home used vibrant yellow flowers with black accent decor to bring the space to life.

Honeycombs, cheerios, and other bee-adjacent cereals were displayed in glass containers throughout the party. Mini bumble bee candies dotted table clothes and place settings. But the most impressive element of this delightful spring party was the main course: honeycomb-shaped waffles topped with golden honey, fresh whipped cream, and an edible bee candy.

If you want to throw your own bee-themed spring event, get creative with party favors, food, and decor. You can even encourage guests to dress in yellow or black or give them some real honeycomb and jam to take home with them after.

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Even more corporate event spring themes to inspire you:

  1. Spring Break: Who said college kids get to have all the fun this season? Some margaritas and a little lounge area complete with sand for guests to barefoot in are great ways to use this theme.
  2. Carnival: Ring toss games, cotton candy, and a ride or two bring this spring corporate event theme to life.
  3. Cherry Blossom: Honor one of the most gorgeous flowers of the season. A traditional tea ceremony surrounded by blossom-inspired decor is a great way to celebrate this symbol of spring.
  4. Tulips: Get the gang together and plant tulip bulbs in a nearby garden plot. Serve some bright yellow cupcakes while you’re at it.
  5. Ladybugs: Red and black polka dots make for a lovely backdrop at any Spring corporate event. Invite children to participate by wearing their very own ladybug costumes for some adorable family photo ops.
  6. Rain: April showers do bring May flowers, after all. Celebrate the changing of the seasons with eco-friendly activities (like mini water filtration stations) or umbrella-themed ring toss games.
  7. Pastels: There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a pop of color after a dark and dreary winter. Set the dress code to lavenders, mellow yellows, and robin’s egg blues for an elegant twist.
  8. April Fool’s: This one’s best for brands that don’t take themselves too seriously. Bonus: You can also use this theme to carry out that long held vendetta against a colleague.
  9. Easter: If you’re going for family-friendly, consider inviting the Easter bunny (brought to life by your boss or CEO) to your festivities.
  10. Outdoor Picnic: As long as the weather cooperates, a beautifully catered or homemade potluck meal in a local park is sure to be a hit.
  11. Polka Dots & Confetti: Use up those confetti blasters you have leftover from New Year’s Eve to add some fun and festive charm to any spring corporate event.
  12. Glitter & Gold: Fundraisers or galas with this theme can take advantage of its luxuriousness. Serve cocktails in gold chalices and adorn walls and staircases with glittery fabrics for a lush experience.
  13. Stripes: Striped candy, table clothes, cutlery, and costuming make this fresh spring theme even more playful.
  14. Green & Yellow: Themes based on colorgive you lots of opportunities to get creative. For example, incorporate green and yellow into your cocktails by featuring a menu of fresh herb and lemon-inspired libations.
  15. Garden Gnomes: Who doesn’t love seeing these magical creatures with pointed hats amidst some fresh spring blooms? Add a little humor to your event by featuring these remarkable lawn guardians in unexpected hiding spots throughout your venue.

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Pick the perfect spring theme for your event

Throwing the perfect spring event is easy once you have some great examples for inspiration. Whether it’s a small, intimate gathering for friends and family or a large seminar for customers and colleagues, try adding a seasonal twist to your next event.

And remember, at the end of the day it’s all about bringing people together. Plan your event around the people and anything you do is sure to be a hit.

Ready for the next season? Get inspiration from our creative ideas for fall-themed events or winter themes for meetings.

Looking for more tips about spring event themes?

What do you call a spring party?

Great names for spring parties will mention the changing weather, growing flowers, or otherwise capitalize on weather that grows more beautiful by the day.