Corporate Event Design Trends

4 Corporate Event Design Trends that Drive Engagement

Much like what’s happening at social events, corporate event design trends becoming more and more about themes and interactive experiences. While banquet halls are still a fit for certain types of celebrations, we are seeing a shift in the corporate realm towards exciting and memorable dinners including anything from fire breathers to magicians to go-kart racing. Today’s corporate events are designed to have guests talking about the get-together for years to come.

Here are a few things that we are seeing on the horizon for corporate events.

Going Beyond the Ballroom

As of late, corporate clients have been thinking outside of the box when it comes to choosing the setting for a company fete. They are increasingly opting for venues that are typically thought of as a ‘wedding venue’ rather than the traditional hotel ballroom or conference hall that many companies have relied on for decades. Local attractions are also becoming a popular choice for hosting company events – think of notable aquariums, art galleries, or other nearby landmarks as a backdrop for your next affair. In addition to offering a unique vantage point, it can also be a fun way to embrace all that is special about the local region.

Ditch the White Linens

Gone are the days of stuffy black and white tablecloths with little to no pizzazz. We are welcoming in an era of unique and vibrant designs that are no stranger to color. Black and gold has been a popular choice, thanks to The Great Gatsby, as are metallic hues and jewel tones. Shades of green are another trendy option, as the events industry embraces the au-natural theme as a refreshing spin on a classic neutral palette.

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Casual Dining

With the transition to more unique and customized designs, we have also noticed a change in the way corporate events are catered. While sit down dinners have always been the classic choice, buffet-style and family-style meals have arrived on the scene as well. While round tables once seated guests at a corporate event, we are also seeing a move towards long banquet-style tables and cocktail tables, as a way to foster open communication and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for all in attendance.

Focus on Guest Experience

‘Guest experience’ seems to be a buzzword in today’s industry and with good reason. With corporate events, especially, the whole purpose is to show guests the experience of a lifetime. Millennials, in particular, have been responsible for this shift to experiential events and corporate festivities have seen the trend become more of a must-have. It could be a cigar rolling station, a whiskey tasting room or an interactive photo booth – the goal is simply to keep guests entertained and engaged throughout the whole event. Even simply having designs that are one of a kind can make a difference. For example, lounge areas have become very popular these days as a way for people to network comfortably while also looking fabulous.

Corporate events are crafted to either spoil your employees or to dazzle a client – either way, thinking outside of the box and creating a unique, on trend, event design scheme is sure to take everyone’s breath away. The aim is for guests to be talking about the party for many months to come, so keep the lasting effect of the celebration in mind when planning. A corporate event is a reflection of a company and its brand, so be sure to find something that is different from its competitors to truly blow the guests away!

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