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4 Top Hospitality Branding Agencies to Help Tackle Your Rebrand

Some of the most successful hotels in the industry are those that are committed to building great brands. In the following, we introduce you to four top hospitality branding agencies that can help you build an image that attracts repeat business to your property.

Thinking about rebranding your property? You’re not alone on the brandwagon. In fact, one third of hotels in the U.S. have rebranded since starting operation. And rightfully so: By presenting a consistent and well-crafted brand image, you could see a 23% increase in revenue and increased brand loyalty. Plus, a well-tailored brand means you’ll bring in the business and audience you want for your hotel.

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Here’s our list to help you choose the best hospitality branding agency.

1. Spark

Spark understands that what you hope to accomplish and what your consumers are looking for might be two different things. So they strive to create branding and marketing solutions that strike a harmonious balance between the two. By immersing themselves in your business, they’re able to capitalize on data, technology, and industry-proven insights to meet your needs. Spark will also work hand in hand with your team to discover the recipe that drives consumer conversion and brand affinity.

Areas of specialization:

  • Brand design
  • Content studios
  • Media distribution
  • Social media
  • Creative campaigns

To see a case study, check out their branding project for Luminary Hotel Company in Florida.

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2. IdeaWork Studios

Looking for a hospitality branding agency that takes a different approach than the norm? The simple principle of IdeaWork Studios is to be the antidote to big agencies and bureaucracy. They blend cutting edge design and tech with best-in-class brand sensibilities to produce incredible work on time and on budget. Known for an impressive portfolio of high-end clients, IdeaWork takes on personalized projects in the hospitality, real estate, gaming, luxury, and entertainment industries.

Areas of specialization:

  • Branding, brand strategy and visual identity
  • Website design and development
  • Custom CMS applications
  • Graphic design for online and offline media
  • Mobile application design and development
  • Search engine marketing and optimization
  • Social media strategy and management
  • Online advertising
  • Email marketing

To see IdeaWork in action, take a look at how they approached crafting a brand image for the Howard Hotel that matched their cutting-edge Scandinavian design.

3. Fine

Fine is a hospitality branding agency with the potential to completely redefine your brand. Driven by a fundamental belief that branding work is the utmost determinate in the perception of your company, they work to create a deep connection with your customers, re-shape your business, differentiate your message, and help you make a splash that truly disrupts the hospitality industry. Whether you want to attract millennials or build an image as the top hotel for meetings, Fine will help you create an experience that lives up to it “ online and off.

Areas of specialization:

  • Strategy & positioning
  • Naming & nomenclature
  • Brand development
  • Web destinations
  • Campaigns & activation
  • Search engine optimization

Get a taste of what Fine is capable of by checking out their brand refresh for Kimpton Hotels.

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4. Company B

Company B understands that every great brand starts with a story, and they’re here to help you tell yours. From helping develop your overall concept and business plan to designing imagery, messaging, and even interiors, they’re bonafide leaders in every aspect of hospitality branding. In fact, they’re well-know for their extensive work with industry-leading properties ranging from boutique hotels to chains.

Areas of specialization:

  • Concept development
  • Brand development
  • Special events
  • Graphic design
  • Social media
  • Website development
  • Sales support
  • Email marketing
  • Public relations

Check out their brand development project for Iron Horse Hotel to see Company B’s branding chops.

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