Make Your Venue Stand Out For Wedding Clients

Wedding-Friendly Hotels & Venues: 8 Ways to Make Your Venue Stand Out

Other than the bride and the groom, the guests, and the meaning of the day, the most important part of a wedding is the venue. Most of the time the brides will go in knowing exactly what they want out of a venue. Seeing as brides and wedding planners will book their venue as early as nine to twelve months in advance, they’ll be on the hunt! So how can you, as a venue or hotel, stand out amongst the rest?

Every Couple Is Different

Treat every couple as though they are different. Not every couple that walks through your doors will be the same as the last. Yes, there are trends, but more than likely each bride and groom will be different and want different things out of their venue. One bride may just want to have the ceremony at your location with a spot to get ready at while another may want to have a spot to get ready, the ceremony, and the reception. Treat them as though they are their own person and be sure to find out exactly what they want from you before going any further.

You’re Different, So Be Different

You know the hotels that put a chocolate on you pillow for when you arrive with the folded towels on your bed? Yeah… Don’t let this be the selling point. Show the couple all the reasons that they should use you as a venue. Do you offer a tear down service for no extra charge after the reception is over? Do you let the couple use the venue the night before to set up? In this case, flaunt what you mamma gave you. Show off all of your best assets.

Make Yourselves Customizable

Are you strictly a venue that services occasions such as weddings? Be sure you have packages that suit the everyday bride to the over-the-top, I-want-it-all bride. Making your packages customizable allows for flexibility with not only the bride but for you as well. For example, if you have a couple that is getting married in the morning, but wouldn’t need your venue that evening, don’t charge extra for the whole day. Being flexible like this will show the bride that she is in control.

Prepare Yourselves

You know when you go to a new doctor and you fill out an in-take form that goes over all the information that your new doctor could possible think to have or want? Create an in-take form for your venue. That’s right, a form that starts the conversation and makes it all about the bride. This goes hand in hand with being customizable. Be sure that you ask questions like, “What is your price range for a your wedding? For you venue?” and “What are you expectation of (insert venue name here) as your venue?”. Let them know that you want to have a better understanding of what they want. In this, you’ll know right off the bat what you can do for every couple to make them happy.

Plan Events Seamlessly

Work Together

Every single bride will wish to work closely with her wedding plans. I can guarantee that every bride that comes to look at your venue, will want to be hands on with most everything. Make sure that you assure the bride that there will be plenty for her to work and things that you can work together on. Don’t book with the bride and drop off the face of the Earth. Keep her updated and ask that the bride and groom do the same too!

Beat Them To The Punch

Obviously you will want to leave room for questions because you know that they will have questions, but make sure that you are prepared. Most every wedding is the same… Ceremony, reception, food, dance, and sendoff. Show them all of the options and amenities that you offer for these services. Show them a list of vendors that are known to your venue and trusted by you and past brides. Most wedding venues have these lists of vendors, so make sure you have a decent compilation of them as well!

Be (Price) Competitive

A little competition never hurt anyone. Ever. In fact, competition may make your game a little stronger. Compete with the competition in every category, amenities and price. Don’t bust the bank with this competition, but let the bride and groom know that your venue is the place where they will see all of their dreams come true. Make sure that you are honest and true with your words, never lie about what you can and can’t do.

Don’t Be A Cookie Cutter

A cookie cutter wedding venue isn’t something that you want to be proud of. Would you want to look back on your big day knowing that your wedding was just like the last person that booked at your venue? No. You know that you wouldn’t. Pride yourselves on personality and originality in each and every event. Pride yourself in knowing that you will give every single bride the experience of a lifetime even if she doesn’t ask for it. Always go above and beyond.

Venues, set yourselves apart with these eight tips! More likely than not, unless you’re a chain, your venue will be completely different than all the rest. Standing out isn’t a bad thing, but if that bride and groom recognizes you as different or better in the venue world, then you’ll have a better chance of taking home the gold by setting yourself apart from all the rest by taking these tips in to consideration! Happy planning!

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