Sales and catering coordinator tips

10 Client Appreciation Event Ideas Customers Love

Whether you’re a part of a Fortune 500 company or are running a boutique hair salon out of your home, your business wouldn’t exist without clients. Showering clients with appreciation can help businesses, large and small, build a base of loyal customers, especially now, as we head into the holiday season. While some leaders choose…

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The Ultimate Guide to Theme Park Layout Design

Theme park designers are constantly looking for ways to improve the stories they tell through their attractions and rides. Their placement, structure, and surrounding activities all play a role in guest experience which is why the process of creating a great layout can be so complex. In this guide, we take a closer look at…

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Types of events

Your Venue Security Plan: Why It Matters Now More Than Ever

Long gone are the days when event venue security used to be tacked as an addendum in event planning, with event planners the only corporate staff sweating about it. But even then, event organizers were concerned more about protecting the venue entrance, the assets, and–of course–the occasional unruly guest. Venue threats can and do come…

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post-event engagement social

The Top 7 Venue Hashtags to Follow Hospitality Trends

Do you work at a venue and want to get event planners in the door? Or has your venue just opened and want to book events in your space? Whether you are on Twitter, Instagram, or another platform, following industry-specific hashtags are a great way to tap new and relevant trends in venue marketing. The…

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Hotel asset management

4 Unique Meeting Venues Where You Need to Host Your Next Meeting

Unique meeting venues offer more than just four walls for your meeting to take place. It provides a one-of-a-kind backdrop to promote productivity and engagement at your meeting. Avoid the usual conference room by hosting your meeting in one of these unique meeting venues. Unique meeting venues offer a one-of-a-kind backdrop to promote a productive…

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Hotel asset management

America’s 5 Largest Convention Centers for Events

Big events require big spaces. But when it comes to planning a large-scale event, you need more than just a lot of space. You also need a venue that has knows how to handle big crowds, has features that make your job easier, and is in a destination that improves attendees’ experiences. Here are America’s…

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3D illustration of speaker engaging with audience during event presentation on stage

Crowd Control Tips: 3 Best Practices for Venues

Venue managers and staff all have a duty to their attendees to provide a level of crowd management and safe, fun experiences at events. This is first and foremost vital for guest and staff safety, as well as minimizing complaints that may lead to a poor event review. As part of the planning process, be…

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6 Considerations for Creating a Winning Event Venue RFP

6 Secrets to Getting an Event RFP You Can Actually Use

As event planners, we’re in luck: When it comes to venue sourcing, the market is moving from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. However, that means we have more responsibility. If we want to build great relationships with venues, we need to submit strong event RFPs to venues. Venue supply growth is expected to…

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Conference Space Rental 101: What to Know Before Renting Space

Conference Space Rental 101: What to Know Before Renting

Conference space rental details can sometimes feel overwhelming for event planners. So how do you narrow down the best options for your client with so many traditional and non-traditional venues out there? Aside from the dates and number of attendees, here are the basics of what to know before renting a conference room space. Picking…

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Meeting Room Rentals: 4 Things to Consider Before Booking

How to Rent a Conference Room: 4 Key Things to Look For

If you need to rent a conference room for a business meeting or corporate presentation, getting started can be the hardest part. It might seem straightforward, but with so many options in your area, you might overlook details that could end up costing you. Before you book a meeting room, keep these four essentials in…

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