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5 Corporate Social Responsibility Events to Give Back

Corporate social responsibility events are a truly impactful and innovative way for companies to establish a reputation as a socially responsible company. Not to mention it’s an easy way to retain top employees. But how do you translate this into an impactful event? These five simple ideas will get your corporate social responsibility events off to a great start.

1. National day of service

Plan a company-wide service day in conjunction with national commemorative events such as the Martin Luther King Jr Holiday or Veterans Day. One of the easiest things to do is to look for existing activities in your community. Let the partner charity you choose create the volunteer experience. You can handle making your teams participation as smooth and memorable as possible. Create detailed pre-event information packets, coordinate seamless transportation, and a post-event experience.

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2. Team building event

Don’t settle for arranging a team bowling event or hiring a consultant for a management workshop. Why not use the budget and time to work on a volunteer project as a team? Not only will you build the bond between those on the team, your event will have a direct, positive impact on the community.

A best practice is to follow a “Service Learning” method to strategically use the day for team strengthening.

3. Company offsite or sales meeting

During a company retreat, sales meeting, or incentive program, dedicate time for an employee service project. Impactful volunteer events can be planned for just half a day and still accomplish the goal of impacting the organization. You can even run corporate social responsibility events without leaving the hotel!

A build-a-bike event is a great example of what can be accomplished. The group divides into teams and each team tasked to construct a brand new child’s bike. At the end of the event, the bikes are donated to a local boys and girls club or another similar charity.

4. User conference or client conference

Engage your clients in corporate social responsibility events by creating a meaningful event experience for them.

You will see growing customer loyalty while enhancing your company’s reputation as socially responsible. For my clients, I love using the skills and services of the company itself. For instance, for Inc. Magazine, I created a Mentoring Fair. Here, CEOs mentored veterans interested in starting their own companies. Think of a way your clients could mentor an appropriate group in need of their services during the conference. Put your amazing knowledge to use! One place to grab ideas from is this new product launch event guide.

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Allocated Staff Hours

“Bonus” your employees a certain amount of hours a year to volunteer on their own. Encourage staff to volunteer together at charities they would enjoy working with. Help with sign-ups and finding volunteer opportunities. This approach is easy but is still a corporate social responsibility event that builds relationships within your organization.

Social Responsibility is today’s buzz phrase within a growing number of companies. But the real challenge for event planners is fulfilling the company’s vision of corporate social responsibility events that are both inspirational and easy to put on. These are just a few of my favorite ideas for corporate social responsibility events. I’d love to hear how you make them your own!

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