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Collaborate easily with stakeholders

Plan together with both stakeholders and vendors for a seamless experience.

Create a floor plan library for your team.

Access events effortlessly anywhere, anytime.

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Streamline your corporate meeting planning

Social Tables - Event Diagramming Software

Evaluate properties online by testing layout options.

Keep all of your event details in one place.

Manage more stakeholders without missing a single detail.

Gain more insight into corporate meetings

Bring together data from your stakeholders' needs and your events to understand more about attendees.

Visual seating, text alerts, and our integrated Check-In app come together to provide data for each meeting.

Better understand your staffing needs, and your meeting's ROI.

Social Tables Event Management Software


Why Forbes Only Produces Events at Venues Verified by Social Tables. Learn why every event is checked for accuracy twice using Social Tables Diagram.

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  • Save time with easy-to-use software.
  • Ensure accurate setup with 3D diagrams.
  • Build relationships with live collaboration.
  • Prove ROI to grow your event budget.

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