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25 Corporate Event Themes for Unforgettable Company Parties

When choosing a party theme for company get-togethers, corporate planners need to make sure that the theme is relevant and fun. But most importantly, they need to make sure it’s something that’s appropriate for the event, setting, and company culture.

Creative Corporate Event Themes for Any Setting

In the following, we’ll cover a list of some entertaining and versatile corporate event themes that are a safe fit for just about any company.

1. Classic Summertime BBQ

Why it works: Outside of the office, everyone can be comfortable in their casual summertime apparel, so it’s a little less formal. That creates a laid-back atmosphere where employees are more likely to let their guard down, shoot the breeze with one another, and network across the company. It’s one of those corporate event themes that doesn’t end up feeling so corporate.

Setting: A park setting by a lake is the perfect location, plus it’s usually a free or low-cost option.

Decor: Go for big white tents, picnic tables covered in plaid tablecloths, checkered blankets, and balloons. And if you want to go really big with your decor, try these 35 summer decor ideas.

Food: Don’t overthink it: Serve burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, corn on the cob ” you get the idea.

Beverages: On a hot summer day, you can keep it simple with cold beer and lemonade. For something a bit fancier, mix up a cold cocktail like mint juleps.

Activities: Set up simple outdoor games such as croquet, badminton, or cornhole. You can even do company Olympics by having team compete in traditional field-day games like dodgeball or relay races.

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2. Winter Wonderland

Why it works: For holiday parties, it’s important to be inclusive ” but that can make it a little tricky to choose a theme. Something that highlights the season is simple but effective.

Plus, guests always enjoy dressing up for the season, so you probably don’t need to set a concrete dress code to get everyone to show up in their holiday best. Just get the word out that things will be a little more on the formal end.

Food: For a more formal event, go with traditional plated options such as tenderloin, chicken, salmon, or grilled portabellas for a vegetarian option.

Beverages: To play off the season’s flavors, serve hot toddies, cranberry-infused martinis, red wine, and dark winter beers.

Activities: Since it’s the end of the year, this is the perfect time to share company holiday video and recap of the year’s wins. After that, a little music and dancing can’t hurt!

Decor: The decor options are endless: We like the idea of sparkling jewel tones or a white-on-white color palette. Winter classics like poinsettia plants, fireplaces, and cozy blankets will add to the atmosphere. And let’s face it ” you should probably include a snowflake or two.

3. Spring Has Sprung

Why it works: What’s a better way to celebrate closing out Q1 than by “springing” into Q2? After all, you’re off to a fresh start and nothing says fresh like the spring season. “Spring” is a great theme on its own, but if for a more niche theme, check out these 25 creative spring themes for parties and events.

Food: Spring has no shortage of in-season vegetables, so plan on special salads, veggie-packed hoers d’oeuvres, and pasta primavera.

Beverages: Keep things light and fresh! We’re thinking white wine, Moscow mules, and lemonade.

Activities: If you’ll be outdoors, take advantage! Plan a picnic, bean bag toss, bocce ball, group hike, or other patio-friendly games.

Decor: Whatever you do, decorate with bright green topiaries, lots of beautiful flowers, and plenty of pastels. The theme is pretty versatile, so feel free to set a dress code as you see fit.

Setting: You can find a classy outdoor space such as a manicured museum lawn or a local botanic garden, or bring things inside with the option for a patio. 

carnival corporate event theme

4. Carnival-Inspired Corporate Event Theme

Why it works: Want a corporate event theme that everyone will remember? Throw a carnival-themed party! Between the performers, activities, and out-of-the-box decor, you’ll create an event that really sets itself apart.

Food: Bring in classic fair food like hot dogs, funnel cakes, and elephant ears. If you want to be a little more sophisticated, you can put an upscale twist on those traditional foods. For example, serve turkey corn dogs and fries with vindaloo ketchup. 

Beverages: No need to overthink int: Beer, cider, and a carnival-themed drink will do the trick.

Activities: Hire a magician or a balloon artist to roam around the crowd. Set up fun game stations like ring toss. And you can never go wrong with a photo booth!

Decor: If you can’t get a big-top tent, go for circus-tent inspired patterns, lots of bulb lights, and plenty of bright colors.

5. Gameday

Why it works: Take advantage of sporting events like March Madness and the MLB playoffs. Get everyone showing their colors and watching the games together. Or, create camaraderie among employees by going out to a local sporting event ” whether it’s an NFL game or a local hockey league. And remember, beer and nachos have the power to bond people.

Food: You’ve got to have those favorite game-day snacks ” wings, nachos, fries, pizza, and ice cream, please!

Beverages: It’s all about the beer! Offer a well-rounded beer list, and cider for gluten-free attendees. (A few wine and liquor options might also be nice.)

Activities: Host a watch party at a sports bar, or go to a local game.

Decor: Decorate with elements from the type of sport (like goal posts for a football game). And don’t hold back on the team colors.

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6. Tidying Up 

Why it works: It’s a trend that promotes both happiness and productivity – perfect for the well-rounded office team looking for a little pick-me-up. 

Setting: Your office is the perfect place for a little Marie Kondo magic

Decor: While you don’t need much for the decor, you can certainly bring in some fun supplies like new containers, storage bins, and drawer organizers. 

Food: Because Marie Kondo is a literal fairy person, things like cupcakes and marshmallow bars add a touch of whimsy to the event while health nuts might take inspiration from the health aspect of the tidying up movement.

Beverages: If you plan this party during work hours, make sure you have some coffee and tea on hands to help give one that little extra energy boost. 

Activities: Screen an episode or two of Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo then invite everyone to makeover their office or desk in the unique KonMari fashion. 

7. DIY Taco Fiesta 

Why it works: It’s hard to turn down this delicious dish that can be made to everyone’s individual tastes without any extra hassle. 

Setting: If the weather’s nice consider heading outside to a park or the greenest space near your office to set up a picnic. Otherwise, your meeting room works too! 

Decor: Chili peppers, colorful ribbons and bunting, avocado arrangements, and hot sauce bottle flower holders all make for a festive and bright celebration. 

Food: Set out a buffet station with freshly prepared veggies, meats, and taco fixings so everyone can make their perfect meal. 

Beverages: Margaritas are an excellent way to round out the theme but a chia seed watermelon and lemonade agua fresca (or any agua fresca really) is a great non-alcoholic option. 

Activities: Besides getting to make and enjoy their own tacos, guests can try their hand at cracking open a pinata or show off their cooking skills at a guacamole making competition. 

8. Murder Mystery Party

Why it works: When you hire a murder mystery company, they basically give you an entire night of entertainment and make sure everything runs smoothly for you. A virtually stress-free experience if you don’t count the killer on the loose! 

Setting: Your murder mystery guides will usually give you the option to use your own space or hire theirs for the evening. The advantage of hiring theirs is you don’t have to worry about set up or take down! 

Decor: Your decor should match the theme and location of the mystery. The most common ones are classic trains and southern gothic mansions. 

Food: If you spring for a full meal stick to the mystery theme, but a great wine and cheese spread is also excellent for this kind of party. 

Beverages: Themed cocktails, mocktails, and a quality selection of wines should be crowd pleasers. 

Activities: Solve a (fake) murder mystery complete with hired actors, cool props, and fake identities for you and your whole company. 

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9. Mini-Golf Tournament

Why it works: It can happen rain or shine with both indoor and outdoor venue options. 

Setting: Rent out your local mini-golf location. Or create your own either DIY or with a kit and host the tournament down the halls of your office! 

Decor: Faux turf, oversized golf tee platters, and putt-putt-themed cupcakes are just some of your many golf themed options. 

Food: You can combine this with the Summertime BBQ theme or keep refreshments light with lemonade and ice cream. 

Beverages: Root beer floats (both alcoholic and nonalcoholic), as well as some nice cold beer, should do the trick. 

Activities: Face off against your coworkers in this miniature sporting event. And don’t forget to hand out miniature trophies during a ceremony at the end! 

10. Luau

Why it works: It’s like giving your coworkers a vacation without having to pack a bag. 

Setting: If you’re lucky enough to be near a beach, definitely host it there. But if not, any indoor venue with sand (like indoor volleyball courts) will do. 

Decor: Tropical florals, grass table skirts, pink flamingos, and leis. 

Food: Serve Hawaiin BBQ and fresh Poke Bowls. 

Beverages: Anything made with pineapple and rum would be appropriate. 

Activities: Hire professional Hawaiin performers or just have a regular old dance party by yourselves. 

11. Dance Through the Decades

Why it works: If you can’t choose just one decade, why not have all of them? 

Setting: A neutral space that you can decorate with memorabilia from the ’50s to the early 2000s works well. 

Decor: Go crazy with decor from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s! To keep everything cohesive, try to pick 1-2 primary theme colors and find decade decor that matches that. 

Food: Since this theme incorporates a lot of different trends, you can mix and match your food options, although classic American fare covers all the bases. 

Beverages: Anything from old-fashioned milkshakes to absinthe will do. 

Activities: Dance the night away with the greatest hits from all the decades and encourage guests to dress up as their favorite era. Make sure you have a costume contest too. 

12. Hollywood 

Why it works: Most people love movies and would also love the chance to be treated like a star. 

Setting: Rent out a local movie theatre, gala space, or anywhere you can roll out a red carpet. 

Decor: You can either use the Golden Age as your inspiration (with plenty of gold and silver decor) or Black & White. 

Food: Popcorn and movie theatre candy for light snacks or, for a more decadent option, go all out with steaks and lobster. 

Beverages: Champagne, wines, and sodas (for any children who attend). 

Activities: Some films will allow you and your event to host a private advanced screening of an upcoming new release. But really any movie will do! You can also have a step and repeat at your party entrance so everyone walking in gets a taste of that movie star experience. You can even go a step further and hire someone to get guests’ handprints in wet cement outside of your building, Chinese Theatre style. 

13. Catered Brunch

Why it works: You can incorporate it into your normal workday without being disruptive or worrying about low attendance rates. 

Setting: Your very own office on a Friday or after a busy quarter ends. 

Decor: Striped paper straws for your mimosas, fresh fruit and citrus garlands, and checkered tablecloths. 

Food: Omelet stations, pancakes, waffles, yogurt with mix-ins, and bagels. 

Beverages: Fresh squeezed juices and coffees. 

Activities: Setting up a full buffet brunch makes it easy to have a formal sit-down meal or a free period where attendees can hang out and still get some work done. 

catered brunch corporate event theme

14. Superlative Awards

Why it works: It’s fun to pick on your coworkers, and it shows how close you all really are. 

Setting: Steakhouses and black-tie venues are both a great option for this corporate event theme. 

Decor: Like any good awards show, you should have classy decor complete with a red carpet, white linen napkins, and dramatic fabric drapings. 

Food: Most fancy award presentations include formal dining, but you can also poll your office and see what type of food they’d most enjoy. It is a celebration of them after all! 

Beverages: Cocktails, wine, and liquor are all good for this formal to semi-formal style event. 

Activities: Have your audience vote and award teammates for a whole range of funny and serious awards, including “most likely to run five minutes behind” and “best office decor.” 

15. Casino Night

Why it works: Whether or not you play for money, it’s still a very exciting form of entertainment. 

Setting: Any event space that can fit a large number of round tables and transform into a casino hall for the night will do. 

Decor: Bring in serious electric Vegas vibes using neon lights and water fountains or go full-on flapper with speakeasy-style dark and moody palettes. 

Food: Finger foods (like mini BLTs, ceviche, and caviar) served via tray pass.

Beverages: Good whiskey or scotch on the rocks will likely be a big hit. 

Activities: A lot of Casino Night events loop in a charity so other activities, such as silent auctions or a basket raffle, could also help raise funds for a good cause. 

16. Outerspace 

Why it works: It’s a little out-there as a theme (pun intended), but most science or sci-fi lovers will love it. 

Setting: This theme works for any space, but is especially effective for venues like laser tag or indoor putt-putt, where glow in the dark features play a big role in the decor. But, if you have the budget, consider renting out a science center with great views and telescopes they’ll let you try out. 

Decor: Hang various model planets, alien spaceships, and stars from the ceiling. Choose funky purple and green glitter fabrics for banisters. And don’t forget the smog machine! 

Food: Serve astronaut ice cream and basically anything you can make look cool with food coloring. 

Beverages: Cocktails that smoke or catch fire are super fun and unexpected additions to an out of this world soiree. 

Activities: Have your very own Space Jam dance party or hire a telescope for stargazing. 

17. Geeky Fandom 

Why it works: People love bonding over shared hobbies and entertainment and tend to go all out. 

Setting: Any event venue will do, but if the franchise you’ve chosen has any significant features (like a telephone booth for Doctor Who or a giant gothic dining hall for Harry Potter), look for those key identifiers in your space. 

Decor: It’s mostly already done for you by other fans whose parties they’ve shared online! Just follow the show’s main color schemes and use fun insider references to inform your decision making–and you’ll be good to go. 

Food: Anything from cookies to sandwiches can be made with character faces, show logos, or deep cut symbology. 

Beverages: You can also pull recipes from the show, like Harry Potter’s butterbeer. 

Activities: Themed board games, fandom trivia competitions, themed photo booths, and–of course–a homemade costume contest. 

18. Wild, Wild West

Why it works: It’s a relaxed, outdoor option that’s more interesting than a regular picnic and allows for more unique activities. 

Setting: Host your event at an actual ranch, a historical site linked to the history of the era, or even just in someone’s backyard. 

Decor: Hay bales, horseshoes, and ten-gallon hats are all you really need, darlin’. 

Food: Good old fashioned American BBQ, along with other summertime treats like watermelon slices and peach cobbler. 

Beverages: Homemade iced tea and beer go well with these foods. 

Activities: Classic lawn games like horseshoes, cornhole, and bocce ball along with a petting zoo (for the kids), tractor rides, and–if you’re feeling adventurous–a mechanical bull. 

19. Top Chef 

Why it works: Competitive home cooks finally get to show off their skills, and the rest of the audience gets to eat. What’s not to love about that? 

Setting: A health-certified kitchen or food prep space. 

Decor: Stainless steel counters, special event-only aprons for contestants, and a scoreboard. 

Food: There are lots of ways to run a cooking show-inspired event and what game you choose will determine what you eat. Make sure you have some actual catering, too, since contestants will be making single dishes at a time. 

Beverages: Anything that pairs well with the food challenge will do. 

Activities: Guests can either sign up to be a contestant, a judge, or an audience member. Just make sure you serve an actual meal afterward since everyone will probably be hungry! 

20. Around the World

Why it works: For international companies, you’ll have the option to showcase regions where your other offices are located so guests can have a greater connection to them. 

Setting: An event venue that allows you to divide the main area into segments to represent the chosen cities or countries. 

Decor: Cityscapes like the Eiffel tower or NYC can easily be replicated with cardboard. But any internationally inspired flavor works! 

Food: Because your guests are sampling dishes from a variety of influences, serve food as small bites so everyone can try each menu item. 

Beverages: With so many other variables at play, keep things simple by serving wine and beer. 

Activities: There are lots of hired entertainment options available, like salsa dancers or classic Mimes. 

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21. Circus, Circus

Why it works: This is one very family-friendly corporate event theme that all ages can enjoy. 

Setting: Consider renting a large outdoor tent. Or, if that’s not practice, drape matching fabrics on the ceiling of the venue to mimic the interior of a circus tent. 

Decor: Red and white striped fabrics and imagery of jugglers, magicians, and clowns. 

Food: Popcorn, peanuts, ice cream, corn dogs–really anything you’d find at a circus. 

Beverages: Lemonade, soda, and beer. 

Activities: Hire live performers and play some carnival games. 

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22. Escape the Room 

Why it works: The company you work with will do everything for you, making the whole planning process relatively stress-free. 

Setting: Escape rooms come fully ready to use–or you can hire them to deck out your chosen space. 

Decor: Great news–the escape room company you work with will do it all for you! 

Food: Food is not expected (or even desired) during the escape room experience, but you could always host a pizza party before or after. 

Beverages: Beer and wine should be used to celebrate the teams who solve the puzzle. 

Activities: Solve a mystery using teamwork with your coworkers. 

23. Happy Hour

Why it works: It’s casual, laid-back, and simple, which is just the kind of event most of us have the energy for after a long day at work anyway. 

Setting: Happy hour can take place right in your office after hours or at a traditional restaurant/bar space. 

Decor: Simple color-coordinated balloons, ribbons, tablecloths, and glassware add a little something special, but they’re certainly not required. 

Food: Pizza, chicken tenders, and any other carbohydrate-rich finger food will go well with this theme. 

Beverages: Cocktails will be the main attraction of the event as a whole, as will the wine and beer selection. Choose locally sourced vinos or perhaps some cocktails named after inside jokes to make things a little more unique. 

Activities: Cheap or free drinks and karaoke should be all the entertainment they need. 

happy hour corporate event

24. Comedy Night

Why it works: Everyone loves comedy–especially if you can score tickets to a show featuring a celeb. 

Setting: Any theatre or performing arts venue that regularly showcases stand-ups, improv troupes, and sketch teams. 

Decor: Your venue has it covered! 

Food: A lot of theaters will serve drinks but they rarely have food, so make sure you book a great neighboring restaurant so event goers can walk over after their meal. 

Beverages: See if the venue will provide drink tickets for large groups or if they’d allow you to bring your own beer and wine in. 

Activities: Enjoy talented comedy performers and have a good, hard laugh. 

25. Food Truck Roundup 

Why it works: Guests can eat a variety of cool foods they won’t find all together anywhere else while also mixing and mingling outdoors. 

Setting: Open-air parking lots, parks, or your business’s green lawn campus are all easy spots for food trucks to drive up to and set up shop. 

Decor: If you can, hang paper lanterns, set up table cloths with centerpieces, and spread out picnic blankets, pillows, and fold-up chairs for seating. And don’t forget the citronella candles! 

Food: You can invite any variety of food truck to your party. Everything from freshly rolled sushi to vegan chicken and waffles is being served by these restaurants on wheels. 

Beverages: Most food trucks will serve specialty beverages but be prepared with your own water station, as well. 

Activities: Since food is the main focus, you don’t need much else. But you can include a live band, some local craft or candle vendors, and selfie stations for additional fun.

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Still need answers about corporate event themes?

What are good party themes?

The best part themes can be seasonal, related to current events or holidays, creative, or simply high quality. The most important factors in making a good party theme are that the event is appropriate and the host puts in the effort to make it special.

Why do events have themes?

Themes help get people excited about an event and create a sense of community among attendees. Not to mention the fact that a theme truly sets an event apart from everyday life.