The Event Planning Checklist for a One-of-a-Kind Attendee Experience

The Event Planning Checklist for a One-of-a-Kind Attendee Experience

Sometimes we need an event planning checklist to ensure our attendees have a solid experience. And the secret to delivering outstanding experiences during your event has nothing to do with celebrities, flashy swag, or gimmicks. Instead, it has to do with designing a one-of-a-kind attendee experience by considering all the small details of the event.

To help with this, we put together an event planning checklist to keep in mind if you want to design a one-of-a-kind experience for your attendees.

Put yourself in your attendees’ shoes

Believe it or not, room set has an enormous impact on how people feel and act during an event. Venues can affect your attendees by influencing their behavior, motivation, and mood. So before deciding which venue to rent, put yourself in your attendees’ shoes. Be aware of factors such as your audience’s comfort, the degree of accessibility and safety of space, and the attendee engagement potential it holds.

Ensure a stress-free on-site experience

How can your guests have an outstanding event experience if they have to go through a confusing payment procedure or time-wasting check-in line? What if the only way they can access event-related information is through an extremely unfriendly event app?

This will definitely ruin their overall event experience, regardless of the event swag they’ll get or which all-star speakers they’ll see on the main stage. Pretend you’re an attendee and see how they’ll flow through your event to ensure there aren’t any bottlenecks on-site.

The Event Planning Checklist for a One-of-a-Kind Attendee Experience

Get creative with networking dynamics

Although networking is one of the main reasons why people attend events, attendees don’t necessarily enjoy itJust think about it: mingling awkwardly with the crowd until you find someone to speak to, interacting with strangers, stumbling upon someone who rambles about things that won’t add you value. Networking just isn’t easy. 

What you can do for your attendees is to try a B2B matchmaking session instead. It’s an easy way to engage your guests in meaningful networking discussions with people who are relevant for their businesses or careers. By using a good B2B matchmaking tool, you can easily set up a great meeting, regardless of the context or type of event.

Create high-quality content and programming

Planning the event setup has less relevance compared to planning its substance. Apart from networking and enjoying post-event experiences, people come to your event to learn new things and improve their professional expertise.

But they won’t be able to do that if you ignore the quality of the event content. When coming up with your event content, make sure you combine education sessions with interactive, professional development workshops.

Secure interesting speakers and moderators

One important event planning checklist item is selecting speakers and panel moderators. Your speakers are the main magnets who’ll help boost your event’s attendance rate. Make sure the speakers you invite to your event are true experts and thought leaders of the industry. Always spend extra time on finding the best moderators who know how to engage your audience.

Guide: How to Create an Event Planning Checklist

Emphasize diversity and inclusivity

According to Skift, “Two of the biggest transformations in the meetings industry today relate to more creative event design and more emphasis on diversity.” To assure an outstanding experience, you have to provide a safe and open space for diversity and inclusivity where everyone feels welcome.

Foster an immersive local experience

One of the best parts of an event is the social program and getting a feel for the local culture and cuisine. No event experience is complete without it! Be generous in designing plenty of experiences that will foster the contact of the attendees with the local host city.

Consider every single detail when planning event experiences. Keep this event planning checklist handy and plan with your attendees in mind. Do what’s best for your attendees and know that every single decision you make will affect the overall event experience of your audience in one way or another.

Are there any elements we left off our event planning checklist? Share your thoughts in the comments below or join us on Facebook to share your thoughts. 

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